Thursday, September 20, 2018

lifes rambles

Greetings from the mighty ville…
Ive got about an hour till Madie gets home and I probably should be cleaning up this joint or taking a shower about now but ugh..
Anxiety has been high Ive just been trying to hang tight. Just one of those things. And then all the bills come at once and then I forget to pay my cell bill and ugh.. It will work out it always somehow does! At least I have plenty of groceries and only want to eat a giant pizza!

Kiddo is well... so far so good! School is going well... the 6th grade is going on a big trip soon to this camp place for like 2 nights and they asked if I was sending Madie on it...  Well she could come spend the DAY and I could drive her the hour and half to the sticks and they could work out her tube feedings and some of the place is easily wheelchair accessible etc etc etc...Well the cost is 300 bucks which of course is waived for us budget friendly folks... OR she can just come to school and have regular days cause not all the kids are going.. Yeah that sounds like pneumonia phase 3 waiting to happen.
Just feels like a lot... So we sit this one out. ((shrug)) Just feels like a lot.
Anyhoo… looking forward to the weekend meeting up with some folks for some dinner and chillaxing and other than that I plan on just enjoying the quiet... Throw a few cans of food in the cats dish so he will stop bugging me and go from there.. haha He gets so nuts when you start to pet him and gets all over I have to shove him away! Cant seem to get Dad to take him in..hahah He says the cat would probably starve to death since he is never home. OH he can eat mice cmon! No such luck. Jakey cat likes him as he runs away from a lot of people... Just couldn't sell the idea.
I wish he lived a little closer sometimes just so he could see kiddo during the week or hang with kiddo say after school or maybe even bring her in the morning.. and I would have babysitters closer by if I wanted to go do oh I dunno….ANYTHING... The sky is the limit! lol ((rainbows))

This gal I know wants to get me into candle parties... I don't think I have enough friends to have one of those... She has been doing it for years and years and lives in this mansion tucked away behind the center of town...  Not sayin they aren't great candles at like 40 bucks a pop when all is said and done with tax and But I dunno… she wants me  to come to this workshop with her and Id have to find a sitter for that... And I hate people. lol Im going back and forth..even if I have one party a month its something. Peer Pressure galore.

Anyhoo… OH the back is doing well... yes I speak of her as a third person.. lol I pulled a muscle a couple weeks ago and was super freaked out that I had screwed up something after ALL that.. Doctor gave me a muscle relaxer that I had to take twice and then I felt better.. but yeah kids, take care of your backs. I still get stiff and grunt like an old man sometimes but hangin in there! One story apts seem like a far fetched fantasy! (like the chances of me having a hot date! lmbo) looking like another winter in  paradise. If I don't get new tires on the chariot Im trapped.
SO aside from moans and groans Im looking forward to the weekend .. get out and see some folks. decompress.
I guess I am done rambling...

be well folks

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