Thursday, August 23, 2018

a 2007

Well never made it to that BBQ... Madie had what was the first "affliction" of Pneumonia.. up staying at the hospital for a couple days! Dad got huge points as he stayed the nights... It was pretty nuts. All is ok now... don't worry she is finishing antibiotics for the SECOND time...
Shes happy and fever free now is all we can ask for.
ANyhoo… yeah its been another 700 years since I have blogged but eh..
Back is still going strong! I had my last neurosurgeon appointment last month and was sent on my way..
Let me also tell you about my whirl wind day Tuesday...
Ok.. now if my car was going to break down on me it was going to break down at the church food pantry... I was ready to leave with Madie I get her all locked and loaded and I pop my trunk to hoist her stroller in and I had my keys in one hand and I drop them and they get lodged in the fold of the stroller if that makes sense.. lol like in the bars.. Well I curse at this and yank my keys out thinking nothing of it. I get in car and realize that I have shattered one of the plastic buttons on the remote. These dang fancy keys..
Well I curse at this and just go to start my car... or I should say TRY to start my car..
Engine wont kick over. Sonofa….I see woman who runs the pantry helping someone carry their goods out and I stop her and tell her that my car wont start and that the steering wheel is locked. She offers to see if she can tinker with it and no such luck... I call up Progressive cause 180 bucks a month has to cover something right??
Progressive sends  this little Mexican dude driving this little smart car... LOL  he hops out and trys to jump start the car.. nope... tools around with key and wheel and nope.. Well heck what good is this guy? sigh.....
He leaves eventually and I call the local tow guy... they have towed me before like when my registration was expired and officer Gomper had me towed.... (longer story) ANYHOO.. the dude tows my car and Pat from the church drives me and madie home...
In the middle of all this a woman I know calls me just to say Hi... She says don't let them look at your car! She says the car is probably locking me out cause I broke the key!  She says let me use my AAA to tow you to the Honda dealer in town... OK a few phone calls later she has car towed toHonda..
Low and behold....Honda has a new key they had to program to my car and I even got my airbag recall taken care of. Pat from the church is calling me to make sure Im ok and even offering me MONEY to help... no no no I tell her that it will be ok... But still for her to offer like  that?
Picking up the chariot today after Madie gets picked up... gonna shell out the buck40 to pay for it..these freakin fancy keys... No one is going  to steal a dented honda filled with junk...lmbo Shes got pleanty more adventures in her!! They had  to jumpstart her and told me I need new tires..EASY Honda my Money tree hasn't bloomed yet! haha

Ready for the weekend... watch me some movies, get some laundry done, finally read my book... get a couple bills busted out. Cant complain... I was just showered with blessings I was overwhelmed...So if your car breaks down it should do so in a church parking lot.!

In other news Kiddo is good and HEALTHY! 6th Grade starts NEXT week! I am excited but nervous at same time.. Terrified of the germy little kids! lol I don't think it would look weird if we used one of Dads hazmat suits huh? Nahhhh
Lets see... I guess that's all I have to ramble about today... hope everyone is well.

Have a Happy Germ Free Day!


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