Thursday, June 7, 2018

Feeling Good!! Whats a little herniated disk? lol

Im not gonna lie back surgery was scary.
I havent blogged in like 300 years uncertain if I even have readers anymore. My back is just about good as new with a nice scar on my lower back to remind me how strong I was.
I recovered on my own and I will never forget that. WITH Madie by my side...
I dont  like to think about the pain that I was in it was by far the worse pain of my life. And yet, I did it. I am a tougher person because of it...I dont give in.
Hospital stay was ok in beginning when I had my own room then at like 1am they move me to a shared room for the rest of my stay... It was crazy that the pain I was in for 2 months was not radiating down my leg anymore....It still hurt to lay on my so I was on my side but man... That surgeon is my hero... and to him its just another of thousands of backs he has operated on.
I was at the hospital by myself and if it wasnt for the nice nurses and me texting friends I would have been a wreck. When my friend came to pick me up and bring me home she left me a delicious lasagna and I went to bed... I slept all day. Slept like I had not slept in weeks....Oh yeah... I hadnt.

I am back moving around on a numb foot but dont have the pain I had. Amen. And for a gal with state paid insurance I was ALL covered!! I have talked to people in the UK and they wait weeks just to get in to SEE the doctor and alot of them are just taking like 12 painkillers and living with the pain that I "only" had for 2 months. It was last 2 weeks I had my MRI, my diagnosis, my neurosurgeon refferal and appointment, my pre op physical and my surgery! I have a new respect for people with cronic pain that is for sure. I am also very blessed to live in the US....

ANyhoo.... I guess all is going... Been home with my love bug for almost 2 weeks with this bad fever virus whatever it is... fluid in her ear?  She is on second antibiotic and so far today (since first dose Monday night) she had woken up with no fever....But is still very sleepy...trying to be patient but I miss my silly girl and want her better so badly! Sure has been a test of strong single motherhood thats for sure. I have come to grips that no family close by is going to help me anymore... And ya know what?? I DO IT. SOmehow I am still standing... Even a simple "heard ya had surgery can we help?" Would have meant alot.

So kiddo is on the mend and I am doing well. Looking forward to a BBQ Saturday with my peeps..:) I will make some pasta salad. Also I have to add that my recovery was also made possible by good friends...seriously dont know what I would have done without my handfull of peeps...and of course my family checking in on me and calling me :) It really makes me lucky.. Madie and I are two lucky Gals. lol
Heres a few pictures if you dont have me on FB... (before sickies of course)

 What a stinker. lol has been gorgeous weather lately too! The warm days and cool nights rock! The school year is almost over and we will certainly go to our favorite pond and enjoy  the sunshine! Then Mid July summer program starts for 4 days a week half days which is nice as it still keeps her going to school routine but its easy and still gives me a little time in the mornings... I like it. Hopefully by saturday she will be feeling more herself!  All kinds of fun stuff at school going on... Ice Cream parties, Tie Dye shirt day, Pizza parties, Movies... Get well kiddo! 
hope everyone is well and hangin in there! I am feeling pretty good... a little pooped out from nursing kiddo but shes my sweet girl and I tell her that Mom has her good and tight. XO But no heavy lifting.... haha

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