Sunday, April 28, 2019

Still here...

Miss me yet??

Oh fear not.
Well first off cant believe that 6th grade is almost over! Im terrified to send her off to the BIG school in the fall! We haven't scheduled a meeting yet with the new set of hands yet.. gulp.
Put in a order for a new chair too...Shes all measured and all the papers have been sent out.. now its up to insurance to cover...its her 3rd chair so hopefully not too much longer! Id love to start new year with her new ride.

Madie is getting so big! We have her 7th grade physical this summer and a Pulmonoligist appointment this summer as well...  She has had pneumonia 3 times in past year. OH whats another specialist! ugh. Also it looks as if Madie has a curve in her spine... I don't even know where to begin with that...
We finally had some nice spring days that teased us before days of rain and temps in the 40s.. but don't they say April showers bring May flowers? lol 
Anyhoo...just taking it day by day..Im ready for a little sunshine
Seizures haven't been bad knock on wood..Just been trying to keep hee germ free! that's harder than controlling seizures at this point... lots and lots of laundry..Im swearing by the Lysol laundry sanitizer! 
In other news Im hangin in there..My Anxiety had been a real shithead lately but I have mustered thru.. Sometimes I feel like I will be alone in this mixed up world forever. I really miss having someone to share the day with. Don't mean to be a Debbie
heres some pictures...

Awe this always smiling and making her silly noises..she loves playing on her tablet with the water noises she gets fussy when she sees me turning it on and not immediately giving it to her. I have a picture on my phone of her falling asleep on the dang thing..haha
She will be home soon and Ill get her in the tub and she can supervise while I whip up spaghetti sauce..yumm
THEN I have to mentally prepare myself for my Game of Thrones...Its gonna be a blood bath! if you have never seen sorry too late lol Im the dork with my list of 20 characters I hope make it tonight! 
Hope everyone is good...warmer sunshine is coming soon...gotta just keep on keepin on. Also wishing Dad safe travels this week...left with a truck full of sample coolers last week...I still remember the time he was finishing samples in our I was like "Is that safe?" He hasn't turned green yet! 

Oh here's a Jakey picture. he's still alive too lol 


Monday, October 29, 2018

Rambles and a Mouse. (damn im hilarious)


Ok lets try this again without my paragraph suddenly vanishing.... New Laptop is on the list of what I will buy with my lottery winnings...

So there is this Mouse.... should name him Mr Mouse? Mouse? Shithead??  
I was getting Madie up for school and went into her closet to hunt for something for her to wear to school... nothing new... when I notice some crap on some of her tops.. takes me a second and I realize its MOUSE poo! Ok don't panic... lol
I shell out a few bucks and buy the "humane" traps cause PETA tells me that killing animals is bad...Well set them as directed and just wait to see what happens.  The next day I see that the trap is shut! I check it out and its empty and chewed thru! I tell my trusty landlord and he brings me the old school traps that SNAP and kill the mouse... 
After snapping my thumb twice I finally have the traps baited... 
This morning? snapped shut traps and NO MOUSE. 
I really just felt like hysterically laughing! That little shit! LOL
SO after snapping my thumb one more time I have traps baited again this time with Deli cheese and peanut butter... (to be continued)

OH and another funny also woke up to my garbage can dumped over and one of my garbage bags shredded on the grass.... I was relived to see that it was the bag with the shitty cat litter and diapers in it... WHEW. Out in the rain with my yellow cleaning gloves and pajamas picking up wet garbage was a blast! Miss Plumber in her oversized pajama pants.... total hottie. Enough Woodland creatures!! 

In other news ended up having to get a new battery for my chariot.... Had to go a week with an unreliable vehicle till I obtained enough money but made it.... only jump started 5 times....  I have awesome neighbors.. 
I got a new battery just in time to go see my friend who had invited me to her house for a chillaxin ladies night! Had to drive kinda far so I just spent the night but we all enjoyed homemade sangrias and pizza... cant complain! We used to work together and just remained friends... Shes a pretty strong woman as she was diagnosed with parkinsons in her late 30s...    She has pretty bad days and we were all so happy that she was feeling good for our night of hangin… :)  I don't know how she does it she is very brave and even took on boxing! Surround yourself with other strong women and it keeps you strong even on  the shittest days... I just heart her. We had a nice time. 
This past weekend was Halloween in town... Parade for kids and unruely drunk people in costumes by night... lol  Well it rained and rained and rained and rained.... SO the day was kinda a bust... I went out.. spent 12 bucks and went home. I said hi to the folks I knew and eh... just wanted to be home away from the cold rain..

Totally off subject... Madie is laughing in her sleep as I type.... LOL Her little footsies are poking out of her blanket as she gets comfy on my bed... OH my goodness I could kiss her feet for hours... haha.
She has her Dads feet hands down! My feet are just big ol feet... lol Dad has those finger toes!(No I don't plan on kissing his feet!)  And she randomly curls her toes like he does... I was laughing to myself when he came over and had sneakers with no socks on... a guy who wears socks and sneakers to the beach instead of flip flops was suddenly not so sensitive.... (he may hurt me for sharing that..LOL) they both have soft feet and NO do not rub his feet! lol My feet are just rugged. Im clumsy and slip when I wear socks hahha I am embarrassed to have anyone even attempt a pedicure on my feet.haha
Anyhoo kiddo is melting my heart giggling in her sleep...Sweetest kid in the universe. 

Well  I guess I am done rambling.....everything is going ok.... I am looking forward to the holidays with Friends and little things like my hot date with the grocery store!
No seizure news... Kiddo is hangin in there. next blog Ill give you the scoop.... But come January we may obtain a script for "TheOil"


Thursday, September 20, 2018

lifes rambles

Greetings from the mighty ville…
Ive got about an hour till Madie gets home and I probably should be cleaning up this joint or taking a shower about now but ugh..
Anxiety has been high Ive just been trying to hang tight. Just one of those things. And then all the bills come at once and then I forget to pay my cell bill and ugh.. It will work out it always somehow does! At least I have plenty of groceries and only want to eat a giant pizza!

Kiddo is well... so far so good! School is going well... the 6th grade is going on a big trip soon to this camp place for like 2 nights and they asked if I was sending Madie on it...  Well she could come spend the DAY and I could drive her the hour and half to the sticks and they could work out her tube feedings and some of the place is easily wheelchair accessible etc etc etc...Well the cost is 300 bucks which of course is waived for us budget friendly folks... OR she can just come to school and have regular days cause not all the kids are going.. Yeah that sounds like pneumonia phase 3 waiting to happen.
Just feels like a lot... So we sit this one out. ((shrug)) Just feels like a lot.
Anyhoo… looking forward to the weekend meeting up with some folks for some dinner and chillaxing and other than that I plan on just enjoying the quiet... Throw a few cans of food in the cats dish so he will stop bugging me and go from there.. haha He gets so nuts when you start to pet him and gets all over I have to shove him away! Cant seem to get Dad to take him in..hahah He says the cat would probably starve to death since he is never home. OH he can eat mice cmon! No such luck. Jakey cat likes him as he runs away from a lot of people... Just couldn't sell the idea.
I wish he lived a little closer sometimes just so he could see kiddo during the week or hang with kiddo say after school or maybe even bring her in the morning.. and I would have babysitters closer by if I wanted to go do oh I dunno….ANYTHING... The sky is the limit! lol ((rainbows))

This gal I know wants to get me into candle parties... I don't think I have enough friends to have one of those... She has been doing it for years and years and lives in this mansion tucked away behind the center of town...  Not sayin they aren't great candles at like 40 bucks a pop when all is said and done with tax and But I dunno… she wants me  to come to this workshop with her and Id have to find a sitter for that... And I hate people. lol Im going back and forth..even if I have one party a month its something. Peer Pressure galore.

Anyhoo… OH the back is doing well... yes I speak of her as a third person.. lol I pulled a muscle a couple weeks ago and was super freaked out that I had screwed up something after ALL that.. Doctor gave me a muscle relaxer that I had to take twice and then I felt better.. but yeah kids, take care of your backs. I still get stiff and grunt like an old man sometimes but hangin in there! One story apts seem like a far fetched fantasy! (like the chances of me having a hot date! lmbo) looking like another winter in  paradise. If I don't get new tires on the chariot Im trapped.
SO aside from moans and groans Im looking forward to the weekend .. get out and see some folks. decompress.
I guess I am done rambling...

be well folks

Thursday, August 23, 2018

a 2007

Well never made it to that BBQ... Madie had what was the first "affliction" of Pneumonia.. up staying at the hospital for a couple days! Dad got huge points as he stayed the nights... It was pretty nuts. All is ok now... don't worry she is finishing antibiotics for the SECOND time...
Shes happy and fever free now is all we can ask for.
ANyhoo… yeah its been another 700 years since I have blogged but eh..
Back is still going strong! I had my last neurosurgeon appointment last month and was sent on my way..
Let me also tell you about my whirl wind day Tuesday...
Ok.. now if my car was going to break down on me it was going to break down at the church food pantry... I was ready to leave with Madie I get her all locked and loaded and I pop my trunk to hoist her stroller in and I had my keys in one hand and I drop them and they get lodged in the fold of the stroller if that makes sense.. lol like in the bars.. Well I curse at this and yank my keys out thinking nothing of it. I get in car and realize that I have shattered one of the plastic buttons on the remote. These dang fancy keys..
Well I curse at this and just go to start my car... or I should say TRY to start my car..
Engine wont kick over. Sonofa….I see woman who runs the pantry helping someone carry their goods out and I stop her and tell her that my car wont start and that the steering wheel is locked. She offers to see if she can tinker with it and no such luck... I call up Progressive cause 180 bucks a month has to cover something right??
Progressive sends  this little Mexican dude driving this little smart car... LOL  he hops out and trys to jump start the car.. nope... tools around with key and wheel and nope.. Well heck what good is this guy? sigh.....
He leaves eventually and I call the local tow guy... they have towed me before like when my registration was expired and officer Gomper had me towed.... (longer story) ANYHOO.. the dude tows my car and Pat from the church drives me and madie home...
In the middle of all this a woman I know calls me just to say Hi... She says don't let them look at your car! She says the car is probably locking me out cause I broke the key!  She says let me use my AAA to tow you to the Honda dealer in town... OK a few phone calls later she has car towed toHonda..
Low and behold....Honda has a new key they had to program to my car and I even got my airbag recall taken care of. Pat from the church is calling me to make sure Im ok and even offering me MONEY to help... no no no I tell her that it will be ok... But still for her to offer like  that?
Picking up the chariot today after Madie gets picked up... gonna shell out the buck40 to pay for it..these freakin fancy keys... No one is going  to steal a dented honda filled with junk...lmbo Shes got pleanty more adventures in her!! They had  to jumpstart her and told me I need new tires..EASY Honda my Money tree hasn't bloomed yet! haha

Ready for the weekend... watch me some movies, get some laundry done, finally read my book... get a couple bills busted out. Cant complain... I was just showered with blessings I was overwhelmed...So if your car breaks down it should do so in a church parking lot.!

In other news Kiddo is good and HEALTHY! 6th Grade starts NEXT week! I am excited but nervous at same time.. Terrified of the germy little kids! lol I don't think it would look weird if we used one of Dads hazmat suits huh? Nahhhh
Lets see... I guess that's all I have to ramble about today... hope everyone is well.

Have a Happy Germ Free Day!