Thursday, January 19, 2017

still moving


Well Its been awhile.
Been feeling okay lately aside from this nasty cough so If I just keep my mouth shut I wont go into a coughing fit...LOL 
ANyhoo... Kiddo is doing seizure this month but it had been awhile..she is doing good. I signed her up for her very first after school activity! Its a Unified Sports...well for madie rides on scooters and bouncing and playing I hope she does ok. All else fails she drops out and no harm done. Its free so eh...why not. It all starts in the spring.
Oh Spring. I miss you. It hasn't been a terrible winter we have had a couple school delays but not bad.

In other news...went to look at an apt today... Lets just say that after seeing this place my place is REALLY nice...what a dump! I was really disappointed even from the outside seeing plastic on the upstairs windows and frozen condensation ..than when I entered the place I almost felt embarrassed for the poor lady who had to show it to oh man. ANd it wasn't even the pictures I saw online... sigh. Had my Furnace cleaned in my place today and it now smells like smelly furnace in here.. BUt I tell ya my place is NICE lol
ANyhoo... another weekend approaches. Kiddo will be with me Friday night. I have not been having a whole lot of full weekends... I am trying to work it out and hopefully Dad can work it out where he is home more...The current deal is just not fair. I want badly to work something out without attorneys... To Be continued.

Well hm.... Captain Cheeto will soon be president.... We can only bear down folks. I am not going to be watching that circus take place.... Ringling Brothers is ending their circus and now a new one is in town...Ugh.   One day at a time folks. Easy on the riots.

Been just kinda laying low I guess.... I miss family and hope they are all doing well...I miss my maisy cat a lot  too... have  been taking a break from pets but its just sucks not having a silly fur baby! :( Maybe in a couple months after I pay my killer cell phone bill....  My old phone broke and wouldn't charge and the cord plug was all stripped... so they sent me a replacement phone for a 112 bucks SO  that will be on my bill on top of the 80 I already pay. THAN I needed a case for the damn thing so I went to ATT and the said they would throw in a free case but I had to get these stupid headphones that I did not want because in order to throw it on my bill I had to make a 100 purchace... SO Ill be paying that shit for 12 years.... Long Story.basically got a case and headphones for like 100 bucks...ugh.

SO yeah. I dunno what else?
Its already 3 and kiddo will be home soon..
Hope everyone is hangin in there.
Ill post this weekend during my few hours off. lol

Monday, January 2, 2017

Adios Christmas

here I am.

Well I'm not gonna lie the Holidays were really depressing.

My family had Christmas the weekend before and of course there was a snow storm that day. I brought Madie with me which was maybe kinda nuts but I wanted everyone to see her...
I was about 15 minutes into my drive and not quite on the highway when my windshield wipers decided to break..the rubber part decided to separate itself and flap in the breeze... I could not see anything. Thankfully there was an auto parts store close by and I stopped in and bought windshield wipers..the manager put them on my car for me which was nice of him. THAN we hit the nutsos I drove in the storm. 84 was literally snow and slush and my tires would move but my car would not... I almost thought I would get stuck a few times..people were sliding of the road and getting stuck it was super scary. I was also plowed by 2 plows...insane snow and muddy slush consumed my car it was so crazy. I wont lie..that drive was hell.  A normally 2.5 hour drive took 4 hours.. We made it. When the day was all said and done we were both exhausted..Madie fell asleep fast that night and so did I..

Christmas day came and went thankfully... It was a very Horseface Christmas so I was alone.. I kinda give up on the invites but every year it still really hurts not to be welcome...just one day a year.. She sure is a fabulous member of the family now.. gag.
I did not have Madie with me but was glad that she got to see everyone.. I cried a lot but the day is DONE and I am still  breathing.
I had a lot of blessings for sure!! On the Awesome side...I got lots of great gift cards and Madie made out like a bandit! A new winter coat, some clothes, Target gift cards, 50 bucks in cash, toys... I tell ya! Kiddo is set! I also used some of my Christmas cash and got her some  more clothes... she is getting so tall everything is getting too She will surely be the best dressed 4th grader at school! :)!
SO anyhoo.. All is well. New Years eve was a nice Sober occasion and it felt really good. Dunno what 2017 will bring... First a little bang trim for Madie lol and maybe start one of my books I got at a used book sale...Than just one day at a time. Hope everyone is well.
OH Kiddo has been Seizures have been okay and I never brag cause that usually jinks us.. But she is good. No sickies and always pretty happy for the most part...:) Ready to go back to school tomorrow FINALLY. Today we will just hang out...its been pretty cold outside but not too much snow since my trip..
I guess that's all I feel like rambling about today. Happy New Year folks. Onward.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wake me up after New Years PLEASE

Yeah Yeah Yeah....Get over it Jamie...Get over it.. no one misses you.

Hope everyone has a great holiday.
Going on M.I.A for awhile.


When I come back I will share how I drove 4 hours to jersey in the snow.......stay on the edge of your seats folks.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Maisy Cat

When I first brought this cat home I had no idea what to name her..she had no name for like a week.. She hid under my bed in the dust I put a small mat under there and she would sleep on that...and emerge  to get food and use her litter...
3 years later...Its all the time we had together. I lost her over the weekend. My heart is so broken.
I came home from Turkey Day in Jersey and it was a great time seeing all the cousins and exhausting bringing Madie with me but I made it thru...
I come home and the cat just runs outside like I had trapped her in a small box all day Thursday.. Well she comes in and out the rest of the day and last time she went out she did not come was about bedtime and I worried but not too  bad she always ends up on my Porch waiting to be let in at the wee  hours of the night.. So I went to bed a little annoyed at her but knew she would be back..
The next morning rolls around and she is not on my porch...and her usual sleeping spot looks as if it has not been slept in... I call her and call her but nothing.. Its Saturday and Madie is at Dads so I get in my car and drive around the area a bit to see... Nothing. I kinda begin to fear the worse.. Remembering when I lost my Magic Kitty years back...
The day kinda wears on and I am just hanging out at home...I go to the grocery store and grab a can of wet cat food. I don't feed her the wet stuff but I figure it would lure her in. I keep calling her thru the day and shaking the treats she bugs me for all the time..
about 3 pm er so my Neighbor messages me and says Go see Jim...(her husband) Then I hear a  knock on my side door and its Jim and another guy it took me a second to recognize but he was the other neighbors Boyfriend... he said he thinks he found Maisy Cat and that she is passed away... I walk out down the driveway and they lead me to the front of the duplex next door...
There lying in the bushes is my Maisy. I began to just shake and I cried and cried.. I put my hand on her and she was so cold. Jim went and got a shovel to scoop her up with and dug a hole near the woods.
My heart is so broken. I have no idea what happened to her it was the SAME as when my other ct harm to her body she was just gone. We all think maybe poison. Who would do such a thing to a cat? MY cat....  Oh how I have cried. This place I live has taken 2 cats in the four years I have lived here.
Plans are to plant a sort of flowering something on top of where Maisy lies.....

I guess that's all for today.  Off to my appointment now and my eyes are so dry from crying I don't know if I have anymore left. Just one day at a time and I cant say it enough right now to keep your cats INSIDE.