Thursday, October 26, 2017

Just another post.

Still breathing.

All is going I suppose. Kiddo is doing well and getting thru her days at school and seizures have been seizures..She had one last night which has left her out of sorts today so she stayed home from school.
Dad is traveling a lot and I guess that's ok I really don't question it and he doesn't really talk about it. I guess we are almost in a better spot but who knows.. :(
I took in a bird. yes a bird. A cockatiel that hates anyone coming near it and will bite HARD. I was with my friend and we had to pick up her daughter at her friends house..sure okay fine So we get this gals house and while we are waiting for her daughter to get her things so we can go I am overcome with the smells in this place... whew... and then there in  the room full of god knows what was a bird in a cage filled to the brim with bird crap and smelled to high heaven. The gal sees me looking at the bird and says I can take the bird if I want it... OH Gosh.. In my guts I am like Oh hell no... I am set with animals and I already have a cat that drive me to nuts. I told her maybe...ugh
SO a week later I am riddled with guilt and agree to take the freakin bird.  I obtain a free parakeet cage from other friends sister in law and its clean and ready so I go pick that up. I know its too small but like hell am I going to take that big cage covered in crap in my car and take it home and hose it off...I figure when I win the lottery Ill get a new cage but its fine in the smaller one and its clean!
SO anyhooo...yeah I have a bird. I am slowly looking for another home for it I think maybe madies bus driver may take it... I have no idea how I can get the stupid thing to like me  right now.. lol Its cute and all but I am not really a bird person... like at all.
Her feathers are all pulled out in certain places and if I had a million bucks I would for sure take the thing to the vet but hoping the wounds heal up and got a vitamin for free from the fancy pet store in town after I told them the sigh.

In other news.... 2 field trips coming up for madies to the movies and one to the state capital which is a all day-er.. Not much of a fan of those they are EXHAUSTING but Ill swing it! All in the name of participation! lol Trying hard to overcome my anxiety in that kid of stuff and GO.. be out there and be a part of madies class and activities... It will be draining but maybe it will be fun us some Hartford CT t-shirts? HAHA
Also an Orthopedic appointment soon  too... I really am not a fan of her leg braces and they are just not fitting well...gotta really jam her legs into them...poor kid... I have been leaving them at school... meh. I hope we can at least get them adjusted soon...
Turkey Day is also looming...Dad says he may be out of  town and I dunno...looking like I am  taking madie with me... I don't  get invites to CT family stuff anymore so Off to Jersey I go. It will be good as always.... LOTS of food! I am bringing container for Dunno what my contribution will be yet but I enjoy making stuff so Ill certainly bring something with me... I sure miss my giant platters of pigs and blankets I used to bring! lol YUM.
Lets see what else? Oh I dunno...
Hoping to get our pumpkins soon! and get some pictures of bugger by the just rained really hard past two days so its probably MUD central so I am going to wait a bit till we get some sun and go! Its just one thing I have always missed doing as a family and well if its going to be just madie and I doing it than so be it... I will not stop going with her. Stay tuned for pictures! :)!!

OH shoot...okay I gotta cut short I am waiting for the Medicaid nurse to come and assure me that madie is still disabled and can still partake in and the cat just stunk up his box so I gotta get on that before I let anyone in this joint!
be well everyone....

Peace Out

Monday, September 11, 2017

End 0f story

We found our place very shortly before school was about to start...
I am going to try to type this as the site runs like molasses and buffer while I type a sentence....

We found a had a small beach.... school was starting soon and it would be one of the last days before....  I knew that I couldn't go there myself cause they charge 9 bucks on the weekends... and at this point that's not budget friendly.
Madie and I spent almost 4 hours that day... I was so relaxed having my feet in the sand. We had the whole place to ourselves for at least an hour...and even then not that many people showed up. The kids were all pretty good and swam and played in sand...we had plenty of breathing room. 
I DID  go there on Madies second day of my poor attempt to have my happy place to myself...2 moms with 5 kids subsided in the only shady spot....each child used a scream to say what they had to say... I ended up getting sunburn on the other side of the pond just to peacefully read a few chapters of my book... 
SO Id rather go wrapped in a blanket on my beach chair ALONE than deal with those kids again.
Or go for 9 bucks...


Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Rambles...

It was so crazy cause like a couple days later it was chilly high 50's low 60's... This kid loves the water! It took a few hours for the sun to warm it up but all in all successful! Gave her a bath in it 

Sitting here after a 2 week long haul without Dad and my back is NOT happy... I look forward tonight to grabbing some good food and a couple cold ones and decompressing! Sleeping in! Waiting for Dad to get here tonight is making this the longest day ever. lol
No hot dates...Just ME time and Quiet...plant some of my plants in new pots and weed my small garden... sit outside... hit the farmers some OH its HEAVEN! Although a hot date would be I have come to accept that It will be Me, Myself and I forever. Had a married with two kids ex boyfriend message me on fb once telling me he had a dream about me and that he and his wife are not happy.. Kinda the extent of the fellas these days...AWESOME..ugh. I don't go on those date websites.... I DID at the beginning but a lot of the guys are looking to cheat on their girlfriends or wives... Its true. So.... EH. Cancelled all that crap. I hate being divorced...I miss Family-Ness... I miss Beach dinners.. Togetherness before everything  got all screwed up and no one does anything anymore...
I am taking some  time off the week of my Birthday next month and I have no set plans... I was thinking of booking a camp site if I have any money... Just a couple days.. Or I dunno...a road trip? Maybe go see my family in Jersey? I have no clue.... As of now nothing. But its the first time I will have more than a day and a half off from Motherhood.... It may just be epic no matter what I do!

ANYHOOO.... Kiddo is well.. Sleeping well, eating well, pooping I bought her 5 new sippy cups (same ones she had and likes) cause when I finally found them at Walmart I went nuts! her old ones were getting moldy and I after so many scrubs and dishwasher trips they were just not cleaning well anymore... Only problem she still really likes those old ones...Give her a new one SAME sippy and she is all....NOPE wont drink this...  
Working on it! THIS KID.
Seizures are Seizures I guess..she still has morning clusters but wakes up happy and hungry so..... But  it gets  me up at the wee hours when her leg hits the wall or she snorts or gasps before each one...Shes okay but it can go on for 30-40 minutes.... and I am a terrible sleeper as it is... 
Summer School is going really well...I think there is only like 2 weeks left an then we get about 2 weeks off till the new year starts! I was thinking of hitting LLBean and getting her a new back matter how much I wash this current one which is probably since Kindergarten it still smells of Bottle/Sippy/Ketocal/ Boost I dunno....after my bills I will probably have a 100 bucks..But soon!

Don't really have much  more to ramble about I guess.... Just antsy... Gonna muster up some lunch and get kiddo  her sippy. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer....It will be winter before we know it. Don't forget to watch Game of thrones...WTF Greyjoy!! Adios to that guy last week!

XO Peace Out.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Was kinda playing around with my camera one evening...It is my favorite time when we get in my bed and get comfy and I can put away laundry or watch Netflix lol she is such a silly girl. To say that I am addicted to her little feet is an understatement! LOL
All has been going I guess.... Tired today I don't think the heat helps..and running the ac all day either.. blah!
Was becoming quite the farmer lately too...haha well... I have a bad thumb when it comes to growing things but I successfully grew my own potatoes and have a green bean plant that is starting to grow too! lol they were seriously delicious taters!! since its summer and 100 degrees outside I made tater salad with my taters and YUM. Still waiting on my beans! OH and will soon plant a small tomato plant those are also easy to grow. Its so fun watching stuff grow and getting yummy healthy food out of it! :) I ended up tearing out this dead shrub in in front and using that small patch of earth. lol
gotta get a small fence like thing to surround it to protect from the lawn guys weed whacker and cats taking craps...

ANYHOO.... Will have madie for the long haul this week... while dad wraps up his travels for now! hoping he will be closer to home for awhile.. but ya just never know...
I may pass Madie off to him for the week of my birthday... I really don't know what I will do with  myself...kinda just want to get rest and maybe book a camp site for a couple days and decompress... I dunno...I have old friends from MD asking me to come vist...I have an old friend from  high school who wants me to come out west to Portland! All willing to pay for my travel... Insane yes. BUT man just a quiet few days home or on a camp site...bring my own food and wine and just CHILL. Sounds reeeeeaaalllly nice. get the apt clean from top  to bottom...stock up on groceries.... I dunno. lol That's to be continued!

Summer school is going well! Kiddo was so funny getting loaded on her bus this morning hootin and bouncing her little hiney looking wide eyed at her para a nice girl who hangs with her this summer and her nice bus driver who says good morning Madison! Its super sweet she looks so little in her chair getting loaded its also another favorite time of day when I get to see her off to school all happy and ready for her day of adventure :)
Went and got my hair done too! My Aunt has a dear friend who does hair and I could just go to her house and have my hair done...she offered to pay for it and told me to call when I was going to go...well....I tried folks to stay away from my I tried! Well I drove an hour and 15 to Sherman CT thru farm land and winding roads to FINALLY find her house tucked away... We had lunch and I got a nice fresh hair cut and subtle highlights... not too much but refreshed. :) She was really good! And NOT 130 bucks like the spa!  It was fun. A good weekend. Ifeel like I am kind of cheating on my hairdresser who has been doing my hair since the stone age! But I seriously cant afford it... I am at  times left with stripes in my hair though...the color is spot on but oh I dunno...

Hope everyone is hanging in there.... staying cool and enjoying summer... I miss going to the beach ALOT...
I guess that is all my rambles for today. kiddo will be home soon I gotta get moving. lol
peace out.