Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Aquarium Adventure

I have been trying to be more going to school meetings and such are not really my thing.. I try to avoid them but I GO. lol
I have been actually having a good time going on field trips with Madie.. It also keeps everyones mind at ease when I go along. I assure everyone that this kiddo is a GREAT traveler. I also knew this was going to be a long day for her too an I like the fish  This go around we went to Mystic Aquarium.
I get to the school with madie about 830ish. There are three charter buses waiting to load up with 3rd graders. EEK.
We meet up with everyone and Madies Para and we get ready to head out. It will be an hour and half drive.
We load up Madie on the bus the driver has a thick Jamacian accent and I can barely understand what he says. He seemed to think that madies cruiser chair was a stroller and was trying to say that it was not safe to tie it down.
So we decided to just hold her the ride up..She sat well in the big girl seat but it was not very safe.. I held her the rest of the way and she was already getting fussy...ohhh boy.
They played a movie on the bus a Disney movie about a robot..WallE..was not into it. Over heard some girl  tell some boy "you never saw Pinoccio? Seriously?" Lol Just wait till they are teenagers!
We got the weird kid Spencer sitting behind us who kept poking  his head between the seats...

When we get there its raining. oh bugger. We stand outside waiting for all our passes and stickers and such..
I had not been  to this aquarium since Madie was in my belly..
Finally we enter and its not much dryer. lol We tried to keep up with some of the think I walk fast? Even I couldn't keep up! So Me and Madie and Miss Sandy just kinda did our own thing.. walked around slowly and when we had enough of the rain went inside to warm up and look at the fish in the tanks. MUCH better. I don't know what Madie was taking in but her eyes were wide as can be looking around at the glowing tanks.
We putzed around till 1230 when we were all going to the sea lion show..we get to the theater they call it and there is a line out to china..when the doors opened we all flooded in. There were a lot of other field trips going on and some older kids that kinda looked like they may be too old for the show. A chubby fella ushered us all in and kept saying to WAY too many people to stay AWAY from the yellow line that outlined the "stage/Pool" and to stop sitting in the handicap spots when we were the only ones on the spots... We watched the happy captive sea lions do their thing I was thankfull they did not splash the audience they came out of the stage/pool and got close to the audience but they only went to the middle and left us side folk completely out of the loop. Oh well.
it was hokey.
After that we had about an hour to kill and we sat with Madie inside and had a sippy break..let her play on  her ipad and chatted... Her para tells me that she was offered to stay with Madie next year but did  not take the assignment...SAY HUH? I was a little crushed by that...maybe in a way she wants to pass the torch..? I asked her to please reconsider..but I really don't know. I did not know what to say I was kinda hurt. Maybe she just wants to move on. I couldn't ask.
Soon it was  time to head to the  bus and we loaded madie in convincing the driver to hitch her in telling him her stroller really is a wheelchair! Success. Kiddo even slept some of the ride. WHEW.
The kids watched a live action verison of jack and the beanstalk.

It was a long day. But I conquered it!
Here are a few pictures :) One of Madie taking her ipad break and the rest are just of the fish and such. yes that jelly fish will take you down fast.
 I love frogs!

That's all folks!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

nuthin much

Does anyone have the problem while they are typing out a new blog post where it begins to randomly underline everything you type as if you are spelling everything wrong? Its really annoying.
Anyhoo..been trying to get my thoughts out more lately..
I am also typing on my spakin new laptop. Ill be paying it off for 80 years but whatever. I LOVE IT.
Did more retail therapy for miss madie at marshalls yesterday and got her some cute tops :) One with a lobster on it she can wear to the beach! hee hee. super cute. Had her in one of her new tops this morning till I got her medicine all over it. DOH. (as the bus honks outside) I quickly changed her top and sent her off to school.
Did anyone watch Game of Thrones? Holy heck!! Crazy! Mother Of Dragons is going to have biggest army EVER. Maybe she can help Jon Snow and Saunza get Winterfell Back from Ramsey! LOL Oh man intense. And was not expecting her to rise from the flames nude.

Okay's Maisy Cat waiting for Madies bus to come.
The weather has been getting better and the stink bugs have been enjoying my apt lately..pretty gross looking things..almost prehistoric. Maisy cat is a pretty terrible bug
I tell ya this cat makes me laugh every day with her shenanigans.
Miss Madie wakes up every day with giggles and is always so thrilled when I come to her room to get her it can make even the most sluggish mornings precious!

Hope everyone is well. Been trying to step a little out of my comfort zone getting s few new clothes and skirts and more colorful things to wear as I am stuck  in the jeans and striped tops for so long..oh and don't forget my cardigans. My friend who sent me my leggings with birthday cakes all over them is having a online sale tonight I told her I would check it out.. But yeah the stuff is bold. And NO I have not worn the leggings outside of home! They are pretty hilarious!
I like the new stuff I have bought no where to really wear anything maybe putz thru target? haha
Okay I'm outta here.
Peace Out Homeslices.

Monday, May 16, 2016

middle school!?

Hello Bloggers

It was a rushed morning getting miss madie off to school but whew.. I did it.
Wishing there was a hot breakfast delivery service around here that would bring me some French toast and bacon but this bagel will have to do.
Hope everyone is well today and wherever you are reading from I hope the weather is good. So...yeah.
Madie has been pretty darn good lately... I had her meeting at her new school last week THE MIDDLE SCHOOL...gulp..
Dad was away in Florida for work so he couldnt make it but I tried to take some notes..met her current teacher and therapists there and some of the new team of folks that will be working with her it was packed conference room certainly anxiety inducing but I was ok! We talked about how they are eager to meet Madie and how a couple of her same therapist will continue to work with her for the long haul. It was a lot to take in for sure. We walked thru the school and I was surprised to learn it had three floors! Most of Madies stuff will be on the first floor but they have an elevator and ramps instead of flights of stairs. The kids were all doing there things and as we passed thru the halls of lockers and some that overflowed with books and papers I kinda had a lump in my throat wishing that Madie was not having to move schools.. Its a nice school but awe man. She will have all new teachers and a new Para who will be with her side by side.. THAT is the worse part! Miss Sandy has been with Madie since kindergarten and my heart just sinks knowing we will loose her..Madie is so lucky to have her with her daily.
I have to also say they have a thing in the gym called the flying squirrel..its a harness on a pulley system that can send madie

Is my breakfast here yet?

A whole slu of emotions run thru me when I think of Madie leaving her school..She is always a baby to me! little booger was super happy this morning getting on the bus. When I put her little coat on and get her in her chair I think she just knows that its adventure Hootin and screaming with delight! I call her my little monkey.
I knew I was going to ramble about something else this morning...hmm..
Did a little retail therapy yesterday and got Madie some new threads.. Old Navy was kinda giving there stuff away.. I miss my Gymboree Store SO MUCH! lol Its a giant hallmark Paper Store now..filled with Vera Bradley goods and expensive boutique clothes and misc gifts and cards..a nice store but they don't sell jammies and cute leggings! Whats next? OH lets close Flatbread Pizza too! Oh god I hope
SO yeah.. that's the scoop. The school year will soon be over and summer school will start up in July.. hoping to get a little camping done this summer but we shall see. I miss the days when we would all go and even when Madie had bottles and formula we made it work! Or the birds eating our hotdog! Nooooooo!!
Alright well I gotta get moving here.. time to start the day and mount Everest of laundry.
Hope everyone is well...chin up buttercups. things could be worse!!


Saturday, May 7, 2016

A little of this and that

No one is seeing the leggings!!! They are bright pink with Birthday cakes all over them. Yes.

Home with little one who just has a fever that wont quit. Her mood is good just tired.. Dad is getting over the flu and has decided he wants to do some Gladiator Run with his brother (and maybe his girl...)I think its crazy to be out in the messy weather but.. And I don't want madie in the rain so here she is with me. Had her home from school since Thursday so I am kinda running on empty right now. Trying to get Madie to drink her sippy instead of tubing..Tubie had been leaking a brown yuck.. I had to add some more water to the bubble that holds it inside hoping that was the deal..than she had an explosive diaper and her fever broke. Not till this afternoon did fever come back again. But the mood is good.

Cancelled my Comcast Cable today after speaking to an emotionally draining young woman who was trying to darndest to get me to stay on...telling me that I will regret changing to the other guys... ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE DOLLARS is the only reason I needed to change. Screw it if my internet is a little slower...not like this internet doesn't crap out on me occasionally...She tried to sell me on a plan that would save me 40 bucks and taking away more channels in the process... When I did not go for it she seemed kinda pissed and I was tired of being pushed in a corner...JUST CANCELL me...don't make me feel like a loser for doing that! UGH. What a biotch. OH and don't forget charging me a 115 bucks just to cancel... Muuuust get thru that bill....ugh What new Laptop??
After that fiasco I see Madie sitting quietly like: What the heck mom? LOl poor lil bugger. Going to try to dodge the sickies but with my lack of rest I may be doomed. :/

Well while I wait for my million dollars to come in the mail Its been a rainy day in the ville...for days on end now..Tomorrow is Mothers Day and aside from sleeping till 10 Ill just focus on knowing that I am lucky mom to have my lil madie bug! To hear her crazy laugh and get her monkey hugs (she holds on like a baby and to be able to see her off to school each day..Just lucky mama. Hope everyone enjoys a good family day...hold on to that shit.... its treasured! I miss being pampered on Moms Day. Maybe just the day to myself is good enough gift. But does that defeat the purpose? I dunno...

The same gal who send me my leggings I also bought a skirt from...Sorry no mini skirts but its really cute and if it ever gets warm and sunny I will wear it...or just save for next year!
Hope everyone is good...If I still have fans thanks for reading my rambles.
Madies Seizures have been GOOD! :)! She has drop clusters in the mornings sometimes STILL but I guess that is what it is...
Alright well ADD is kicking in and I am running low on exciting news. LOL

hang in there everyone and happy moms day.