Monday, June 27, 2016

Beans...baked ones of course...with no bacon chunks. And Amway.

Does anyone even read this anymore? Testing Testing 1..2..

Maybe I do have some fans out there I dunno...Sometimes my blog takes a turn and becomes Jamies Pitty Party Blog... OH if the world knew...
Madie has been doing well with seizures...she even gained two whole pounds..reaching a back breaking 41 pounds. (well  maybe 40 after she finally poops.)
All is going well with her gutube button and her moods have been really good.
Summer break is still in full swing... It was a long two weeks solid with the kiddo while Dad went to some amusement park with a lesbian couple he knows...and his girl.(who he failed to mention)  I KNEW IT.  But its done and over and well this mom is so tired.  There are sealed cans of beans that would break them... We are all adults and I will just let nature run its course. I am too tired to burn bridges and I am too tired to have fights and argue where no one will win... Turning Tables.  I don't even know if I can be his friend anymore...the daily texts and the adorable selfies...keeping my heart strings tugged hard. Like I said...can of beans. How can I love someone so much and keep taking punch after punch to the heart?? With nothing in return....but tears.

ANYHOO....Shake it off Gurl.... Summer school begins NEXT Week! AMEN!! Super pumped! Its so much better for kiddo she is so bored and  mom is running out of entertainment and interpretive dances....

Went to the lake last weekend for a lil party my cousin was throwning... She and her Husband are HUGE in the Amway business...Yes I know! Well she had a bunch of ladies over and we checked out make up and facial cleansers and all kinds of Amway yums! Being family I kinda just helped out and explained some of the products that I personally use and I tell ya...The ladies were BUYING ALOT. Cleansers and lip glosses and cleaners! Oh my! lol!
It was a blast to see my cousin in action she was great! I was so proud to say that Amway is such a big part of our family and the products are so great! Each person bought at least a 100  bucks! I just kinda watched and helped keep the goodies stocked and cheese plates  It was really fun. The lake was beautyful and the weather held up great. :) I stocked up on samples. holla.

I don't have much going on today...Therapy... Grocery store...Bank.. Maybe Madie and I will go visit my favorite breakfast/lunch spot for a bite to eat.. Dunno... cheering myself up wearing my fabulous new leggings from my friend who sells her LuLaRoe... Super fun stuff! :) Gotta go easy on the card! LOL
OH OH If anyone has not been watching Game of Thrones....OH....MY...GOODNESS. Insane. Now we have to wait a YEAR for a new season...LOL what 10 episodes??  My sexy Jon Bon Jovi was my boyfriend until he started doing Direct TV commercials.....for real!

Well hope everyone is well... I am hanging in there...feeling kinda bla but my happy face is on! Thank god for Therapists!! Lol
This kid keeps me on  my toes and my heart full!! Every Day!

peace out homeslices.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Roses are Red...violets are...Purple..

I was feeling a little lost in my thoughts for various reasons..there isn't much that can make me cry and bring me into a rut per say... Well HE(bunghole jerkface)... thinking too much about missing the family and wishing I was sitting in my favorite spot behind the beach house under the tree with a book and a drink...and being hungry for vanNoord BBQs..... if anyone god forbid says anything mean about my Madie bug...missing her beloved school... and Onion slicing... AND if John Snow dies in the next episode of Game of Thrones and doesn't bring home Ramseys HEAD! (((gasp)))
Ok lol

I decided to take Madie to a special place to me...Its a park and its a garden..filled with beautiful roses ONLY mid June! I take Madies pictures there each year the past three kinda a thing we do...She gets prettier each time. DUH.

The perennial garden was if you get too close to the hanging flowers at the shoppies in . but walking thru the roses was heavenly...and so calming...And of course lil bug loves walking thru the sites...Adventure is in her nature!!  ol stroller is so rickety.. I am shocked we did not loose a wheel....Insurance would never allow us to get a new cruiser after I just got the new chair for her... even though the old one is just used for errands and strolls its still used a lot...but its getting past its prime...

Little booger sleeping now and I am blogging and watching movie All The Way... with Bryan Cranston as Lyndon B Johnson after the Kennedy assassination and the civil rights act...Okay may sound boring  to some but he is seriously great in this movie. I am waiting to see the last half that I have not Crazy Cat is sleeping on a towel on my bed cause she has been shedding like is chilled... cant complain.
Tomorrow I want take kiddo to patch to get strawberries. Its the same farm we get our pumpkin each year...I dunno...trying to stay adventurous as we are on summer break....But its going to be a long haul I am not trying to fool anyone!
Anyhoo....whatever the future holds is what it holds... I have two pretty awesome kiddos by my side each is furry and scratches the crap out of me when she is mean...LOL and of course miss madie...silly goose.. my lil treasure boogie tee tee angel. xoxox
I guess that is all for today.. I hope I can think of stuff to do with Madie for her summer break! I wish I was at the beach! :(!  But we will make due with a kiddle pool and some play sand??

be good.

One day at a time.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rainy Saturday

Rainy Saturday.. lots of wind and thunder! I love a good rain storm.
Kinda lost in my thoughts I guess. I dunno..wondering if life did not take so many turns how things would be right now.. I miss Family a lot. Just family dinners and holidays and chilaxin at the fun.
Up too late last night and am super fatigued today but hanging in there! No word from Dad today so I assume madie is doing good! lol errands or anything to do today just me and the furry pest Maisy.Oh Miss Maizer... such a weirdo this cat!
Did I tell you how she scaled the front of my duplex the other night? Yep. heard a weird noise in madies room and what was clinging to the window screen I about DIED! Now mind you I am on two floors... scaled the wall!
Been hangin in there..was a pretty emotional week with school being out I try to not think about it cause it will bring me to tears..Oh I cant even..I will miss everyone at her school SO MUCH.
This lil Booger on one of our camping trips...BIG GIRL 4th grader!!

Well I guess not much going on today..This mom is just going to hang out. Maybe get some Chinese food later or something.. lol And be Awesome. Ya know the usual.
GI Appointment soon and other than that summer break has begun.. I dunno what we will do for three Entertain! Summer program begins beginning of next month for 6 weeks :)

Hope everyone is hangin in there.
Group Hug folks...Group Hug.

Peace out homeslices

Thursday, June 9, 2016

What now?

Its been an emotional week...
Madie has been at her school 6 years...(two years of preschool and up to 3rd Grade) Today was the last day of school.
I cried like a blubbering cry today. That school was above an beyond for Madie... and her beloved Para..Oh...The tears came.. Who else is going to care for and love madie as much as she did?? She came home today with a large bag of her "stuff" Like a blanket she had gotten for madie when it gets too cold..and some neck pillows when she falls asleep...and her own sunglasses when its too sunny outside in a lil case...ABOVE and BEYOND. I begged her to stick with Madie but the choice was made already.
I'm gonna cry....She is so loving with madie and just knows her..I hate passing the torch.. I hate it.
If I had a million dollars I would pay her to stay. Quite honestly I know she did a lot of things for Madie just out the kindness of her buy her beach day shirts or her pillows when she gets sleepy...stuff for her comfort and happiness.... because she loved madie just as much as we all do
Oh man....she has two grown daughters and I felt like she almost treated Madie like her own...
I try to say that we will visit and we have not seen last of each other...

4th Grade awaits...still in same school district thankfully but its a different school obviously.
Everyone will be different. I am reassured that she is in good hands.. I am reassured that they are ready for Madie and a new Para will be assigned to her...Its like passing off to stranger you don't want touching your child.... Someone who will have to LEARN.... what if she smells funny??
Oh my sweet Girl.

Other than me being a mess....
Made some beef stew with high hopes but the beef as usual dried out before anything else was cooked... UGH. I spent 14 bucks on that chunk of meat....Maybe it will be a Pizza  night after all.

Dad is still in Indiana we keep in touch but his day is busy...Still makes me laugh with funny pictures...only one I know who doesn't have a boring sense of humor and can take my insults...LOL

GI appointment for madie in a couple weeks for a tubie check news there..all is looking great.
Seizures have been great...knock on wood and wood products....
Summer Break is here we have three weeks off till summer school starts up...I wish I was spending it with family at the beach.... Maybe its time to book that camp site... Just for me...

Almost 6 I better get Madie her sippy and get comfy...My friend who gave me  those crazy leggings is having an online party tonight maybe I will find something other than birthday cake leggings.