Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Was kinda playing around with my camera one evening...It is my favorite time when we get in my bed and get comfy and I can put away laundry or watch Netflix lol she is such a silly girl. To say that I am addicted to her little feet is an understatement! LOL
All has been going I guess.... Tired today I don't think the heat helps..and running the ac all day either.. blah!
Was becoming quite the farmer lately too...haha well... I have a bad thumb when it comes to growing things but I successfully grew my own potatoes and have a green bean plant that is starting to grow too! lol they were seriously delicious taters!! since its summer and 100 degrees outside I made tater salad with my taters and YUM. Still waiting on my beans! OH and will soon plant a small tomato plant those are also easy to grow. Its so fun watching stuff grow and getting yummy healthy food out of it! :) I ended up tearing out this dead shrub in in front and using that small patch of earth. lol
gotta get a small fence like thing to surround it to protect from the lawn guys weed whacker and cats taking craps...

ANYHOO.... Will have madie for the long haul this week... while dad wraps up his travels for now! hoping he will be closer to home for awhile.. but ya just never know...
I may pass Madie off to him for the week of my birthday... I really don't know what I will do with  myself...kinda just want to get rest and maybe book a camp site for a couple days and decompress... I dunno...I have old friends from MD asking me to come vist...I have an old friend from  high school who wants me to come out west to Portland! All willing to pay for my travel... Insane yes. BUT man just a quiet few days home or on a camp site...bring my own food and wine and just CHILL. Sounds reeeeeaaalllly nice. get the apt clean from top  to bottom...stock up on groceries.... I dunno. lol That's to be continued!

Summer school is going well! Kiddo was so funny getting loaded on her bus this morning hootin and bouncing her little hiney looking wide eyed at her para a nice girl who hangs with her this summer and her nice bus driver who says good morning Madison! Its super sweet she looks so little in her chair getting loaded its also another favorite time of day when I get to see her off to school all happy and ready for her day of adventure :)
Went and got my hair done too! My Aunt has a dear friend who does hair and I could just go to her house and have my hair done...she offered to pay for it and told me to call when I was going to go...well....I tried folks to stay away from my I tried! Well I drove an hour and 15 to Sherman CT thru farm land and winding roads to FINALLY find her house tucked away... We had lunch and I got a nice fresh hair cut and subtle highlights... not too much but refreshed. :) She was really good! And NOT 130 bucks like the spa!  It was fun. A good weekend. Ifeel like I am kind of cheating on my hairdresser who has been doing my hair since the stone age! But I seriously cant afford it... I am at  times left with stripes in my hair though...the color is spot on but oh I dunno...

Hope everyone is hanging in there.... staying cool and enjoying summer... I miss going to the beach ALOT...
I guess that is all my rambles for today. kiddo will be home soon I gotta get moving. lol
peace out.

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