Friday, July 7, 2017


Hoo Hoo!
Still breathing.
Hanging on this rainy day with Miss Madie...
Jonesin so bad for my breakfast at my favorite café  that has closed forever... lol Maybe I'm just hungry in general and the cantelope I ate has passed thru me. I actually talked the owner and chef about why they closed and it was pretty nuts...but in the end he was just too
behind on rent...Ex wife had jacked up huge credit running off to Georgia and following the band Phish...true story! Man oh Man... hes cooking now at a Tavern in New Hartford.. an even smaller town but I told him I hope it works out... Eh dunno.
ANYHOO.... Well hangin with my little pretzel kid and she keeps slouching over and getting lost in the couch pillows she is such a weirdo..(just kicked my keyboard)
Not much going on since Great Grandmas funeral everyone is kinda just settling into life I guess...
My neighbor moved out of her place which really sucked... Ive been helping her get rid of the last of the garbage outside filling her bucket and mine... I will miss bringing her food too lol We would sit and chat over wine a lot she had an old grill she would fill with wood and make fires it was fun. lol very ghetto.
Still hanging tight in my place for now I guess... Its certainly hard with 2 floors but I still like this place and moving sucks. Ive got like zero credit to hire movers either. But Id figure that out.... So yeah staying here for now until I cannot lift the kid anymore that is... already its pretty hard to carry her but I manage... Its all good. It has its quarks that I have become used too...Someday I would like a little more modern with nice warm toasty windows! Winters suck here. with lovely gas heat...mmmm no more Oil. Daydreaming aside lol
Kiddo is well...summer fun program just started and so far so good. Just made up her tote bag of her beach towel, sunglasses, sunhat etc that she will need...:) Its great how she will still have a bus come to get  her too! She is all bouncy and hootin as I wheel her out each its great for her to keep the school routine going... Mom runs out of money and entertaining dances after  I almost thought about getting a pool membership... I am so germ phobic I dunno... Its kinda pricey but I bet if I asked around we could get a pass for cheap.. Id much prefer to find a nice lake or small beach nearby a place we can call "our joint "ya know?

Oh dear Madie is getting mad at me with her arms extended wants me to pick her up... ONE SEC kiddo!!
Hope everyone had a good 4th... I enjoyed the smell of everyone grilling....LOL The way the country is going these days....sigh. I wont make this post political don't worry! Orange head is out meeting with Putin today Good Lord help us.
Someone just drove by and yelled "Fucktard!" Really?? bahahah omg.
On that note till nxt time folks.


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