Saturday, April 8, 2017

Same Ol Same Ol

Have I ever mentioned that I hate more than a blood boiling hate. I just hate them! They have not been good to my sweet girl lately... :( She is by no means having seizures all day long I mean it could be worse! But for her one big seizure a week is a lot. And don't forget the fall downs and the clusters of arms and legs flailing out over an over...:( I am really uncertain what the next step will be....
I called Neuro and he is out of town till Monday but in meantime I have to take her to get some blood work done to check her Depakoe levels. for now...than the Doc will review. I don't know if this is a time to change meds? Increase Depakote AGAIN? I think there is only so much of the med you can put a small kid on.... 4 125mg capsules 2x a day.... Well.... smh..
SO many of the meds in the past made her so tired.. she was a zombie and that is not ok.
So I will take her Monday to the lab nearby to get the blood work done and we can go from there.

New Cat is working out He is named Jake and he will be an inside only kitty. I cant  bear to find another dead cat in the bushes..  he had been such a lovebug. Never hisses or scratches me.. NEVER. My old cat Maisy was never afraid to break some skin. lol This fella is just a little mush. I very much enjoy having a pet little family. my Babies. lol

So anyhoo... Maybe I will go out tonight and grab some dinner or maybe just some take out and a  movie.. Dunno yet. Today I wanted to go to this big Multi-Consultant LuLaroe Maybe find me some treasures I cant afford... I kind want to see a lot of the stuff in person...get a feel for how the sizes run...for future online purchaces really..But I am kinda stoked and its only a few miles away. Yessss!
Other than that oh heck.. Supposed to start getting really warm outside and I cant wait! Oh how I crave the fresh air! I miss my maxi skirts and sandals... Madie will be on spring break this week so hoping to get some cute pictures of her too... :) By Thursday Ill be ready to get back to
Dad will be traveling to Indiana all week so it kind sucks that he cant take her a extra day or two but glad he will be home on weekends.. I don't mind flying I mean I am not scared of it but my ears get so painfully clogged. That's the worse part. I have no idea how he does it. Big Kudos.

Well I have a load of laundry and a silly kitty whos bowl is empty... Hope everyone is well and hopefully its  warm weather in your necks of the woods...CT is still waiting for spring to start. Winter is being such an Asshole.


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