Sunday, February 12, 2017


Snow and Snow and Oh...More Snow. Make sure you stock up on Milk, Toilet Paper and lady products! lol
Getting hit like a ton o bricks in CT this week... another foot expected today. I am guessing that shcool will be cancelled.
Little bug has been super sick... It did not help that I myself have been coughing all winter... Poor baby girl I felt SO bad handing her off to dad and wanted to just stay with her... The 2 separate households got really old about a year in....and there is zero I can do about it..but off she went. I havet heard any horror stories..
Wanted to go to breakfast this am and when I got to my favorite joint it was PACKED....even in a snow storm! I was frustrated after I had attempted pancakes on a crappy frying pan...and just wanted my breakfast. After a month of coughing and blowing my nose my sense of taste is shot anyways...maybe those mashed up pancakes would have been delicious! SO anyhoo...breakfast fail aside...
Just laying low today..watching the snow..making spagetti sauce(uncertain if it tastes good..)for later on...and some to freeze....waiting for bugger to get home later...Really not much going on.

Had some weird dreams past couple nights...usually involve me hanging out with the family and them coming up to me and telling me I need to pack my things and leave that I am not welcome...and as I am packing I have an obsurd amount of clothes to pack and than suddenly I am in my childhood bedroom packing clothes...and then i am in an airport trying to catch my flight out...THEN there is a BOAT and we are forced to swim to it with our luggage like we are escaping a foreign country..
I miss Family every day I miss the beach every day... That dream was so weird. But the being lost in hallways of a school is a reoccurring dream I have..Really weird.

Anyhoo...I knew there was something else my brain wanted to fart out...
watched this movie called The Lobster... Dont even ask me to undertstand this one! People were being brought to this weird hotel where they had 48 days to find their true mate..or be turned into and animal. yes and animal.  If they do find their mates they are sent off to a couple more phases of the process than released back into society..but must present certficates of proof that they do infact have a spouse...SO Colin Ferels character wanted to be a Lobster if all else failed... He ended up running with Rachel Wises character and they were in the woods  with a group of others..but would go into city for various things... one girl in the group blinded Rachel Wises character and yes...blinded.... and she still ran off with Colin Ferrel... than in the end they were both at a diner an colin ferel goes into the bathroom with a knife to bind himself! wtf... but you never know what happenes to them both when the dang movie ends. Most bazzar thing ever. 120 minutes I will never get back! lol
SO yeah.... enjoy that one.

A picture from my upstairs window after the first storm...

Hope everyone is well...

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