Thursday, January 19, 2017

still moving


Well Its been awhile.
Been feeling okay lately aside from this nasty cough so If I just keep my mouth shut I wont go into a coughing fit...LOL 
ANyhoo... Kiddo is doing seizure this month but it had been awhile..she is doing good. I signed her up for her very first after school activity! Its a Unified Sports...well for madie rides on scooters and bouncing and playing I hope she does ok. All else fails she drops out and no harm done. Its free so eh...why not. It all starts in the spring.
Oh Spring. I miss you. It hasn't been a terrible winter we have had a couple school delays but not bad.

In other news...went to look at an apt today... Lets just say that after seeing this place my place is REALLY nice...what a dump! I was really disappointed even from the outside seeing plastic on the upstairs windows and frozen condensation ..than when I entered the place I almost felt embarrassed for the poor lady who had to show it to oh man. ANd it wasn't even the pictures I saw online... sigh. Had my Furnace cleaned in my place today and it now smells like smelly furnace in here.. BUt I tell ya my place is NICE lol
ANyhoo... another weekend approaches. Kiddo will be with me Friday night. I have not been having a whole lot of full weekends... I am trying to work it out and hopefully Dad can work it out where he is home more...The current deal is just not fair. I want badly to work something out without attorneys... To Be continued.

Well hm.... Captain Cheeto will soon be president.... We can only bear down folks. I am not going to be watching that circus take place.... Ringling Brothers is ending their circus and now a new one is in town...Ugh.   One day at a time folks. Easy on the riots.

Been just kinda laying low I guess.... I miss family and hope they are all doing well...I miss my maisy cat a lot  too... have  been taking a break from pets but its just sucks not having a silly fur baby! :( Maybe in a couple months after I pay my killer cell phone bill....  My old phone broke and wouldn't charge and the cord plug was all stripped... so they sent me a replacement phone for a 112 bucks SO  that will be on my bill on top of the 80 I already pay. THAN I needed a case for the damn thing so I went to ATT and the said they would throw in a free case but I had to get these stupid headphones that I did not want because in order to throw it on my bill I had to make a 100 purchace... SO Ill be paying that shit for 12 years.... Long Story.basically got a case and headphones for like 100 bucks...ugh.

SO yeah. I dunno what else?
Its already 3 and kiddo will be home soon..
Hope everyone is hangin in there.
Ill post this weekend during my few hours off. lol

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