Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Nothing much today

Gorgeous Day in the ville today...Cloudy and Rainy..I like the cooler temps and rain storms..it feels nice out there and makes for good sleeping weather.

I have to tell the tale of a raccoon... This is crazy cat lady convincing me to try to rescue one more cat.. Well when I woke up the biggest raccoon was in that cage! It did not end well cause after I set him or her free there was a dead one in the road. AHH felt horrible. The thing was hissing at me!  It really was far from cute... I pinned open the trap and he eventually ran out..but dang right in the road?? Maybe it was different one? Eh....doubtful.

I hope madie is having a good day. I worry about her all the time and she always comes home her usual little hootin self lol.

Oh I dunno...
Well all is going.. was thinking of getting a tattoo...kinda freaked out about it but eh may go at least check it out and get prices..Im pretty flat broke so not for awhile. Just get a giant eagle across my back LOL.
I have thought about it a long time and have gone back and forth...tired of being a woos about it!
I did give birth to an 8 pound baby it cant be that bad eh? lol
Not much to really write about..the haters are gonna hate and the lovers will love.
Read or Don't read. I wont loose sleep.. who needs good sleep anyways!


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