Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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Just ran a full virus scan on my computer and it still makes the noise like if I plugged in my camera or a speaker...But there is nothing plugged in...Than I checked the power cord and low and behold it was kinda hanging out of the outlet...SIGH. (but its still making that noise...ugh(bear with me)

Anyhoo.... Kiddo is finally her little self...now she wont drink from her sippy well since we had to pump so much while she was sick... Ugh. I wish so badly that I could just put  her in her highchair and feed her bits of real foods.... :(!  She is happy and back at school..hoping that the sickies STAY AWAY.
Fall is in the air today looking forward already to getting our pumpkins! Love patch pictures.
Not much drama happening lately... Horseface is still in love.... and I am keeping my can of beans in the back of the pantry. I guess I am just kinda tired... She has me all blocked on FB..yeah I am little more tech savy that that that honey..but whatever.
The holidays will suck as they have every year since divorceville.... But I do have my side of the family and our Christmas party to look forward too...and Christmas cash. holla. If I am no longer invited to the old memories I have to make new ones.....

Um...lets see... Not really much happening ..haven't seen any "Go Trump" online since last nights debate...I don't know anyones political views but Hillary nailed that one last night. This election will be something...SCARY. I'm quite terrified to have our country in his  hands.... I am excited for the next debate! I am really trying to see what makes that guy so appealing to people...like violence breaks out at his rallys! I dunno.... I am still learning..
I overheard a guy at the grocery store saying that all Hillary wants to do is give the LGBT people everything and let all the Muslims into the country.... I guess ignorance travels fast huh? smh...

ANyhoo.... The crazy cat lady in the neighborhood has struck once again and is determined to catch this one more cat... asking me if I can set up a cage trap....which I reluctantly accepted to do...sigh. So far cat food all over the grass....and the same stupid cat from across the street inside...NOT the one she wants. I say eventually it will just starve or come winter freeze.... you cant save the all...I dunno...its becoming more of a pain in my ass than anything. And she one that never lets you get a word in edge wise and freaks out if you talk to loud or if you move to fast....Shes NUTS. These damn cats.

Another Day in paradise.
Hope all is well...Gotta go run errands before the kiddo gets home.

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