Wednesday, October 5, 2016


My eyes are weary today I am so tired... About an hour till bugger gets home from school..Feeling overwhelmed with my bills..Broke as can be even when I get money this weekend it will be dust in the wind...but at least a couple will be paid.
Kiddo is doing more sickies and has been her silly little self. took some new pictures of her the other day just have to get them on the computer. Such a bug..always ready to give hugs and giggles and makes her silly girl noises... My little heart.

Kinda been a slow day today the rain has let up and its actually a pretty nice day out there in the ville.

I miss my family alot and wish I was living closer to them..I miss the beach and family gatherings too. I had a dream last night that I was at the mall in some dark store like one of those Hollister stores and I was seeing all of my family there shopping and I was still lost as can be having zero clue how to get out of the dark place... no one would talk to me even when I went right up to them to ask how the heck do I get out!
Looked into getting a Tattoo...maybe I am having a midlife crisis...what if I regret getting one? The guy had really nice stuff and he was going to draw one up for me after I give him an 80 dollar deposit... which I lack. SO it may be a little time but I have a month to figure it out...The tat may cost upawards to 200 bucks! I was like uh.... Maybe he can go to 150? lol I dunno...I have wanted to for a long time but I was just scared. I am tired of being scared and I just want to go do it.But I dont want to get something dumb like a small heart or star or like one of those infinity symbols...Its go in or go out! Maybe a pretty flower something...not huge of course cause I am fund challenged... but oh we shall see.

In other news,,,Still been slowly looking for a new place..there are pretty much zero places right now..One place I remember the guy said he wont rent to anyone with kids cause the paint has lead in it! LOL oh dear....and guess who still has a rent sign up?  Another was nice but on a second floor...doh. and another had too many stairs to get into the place in  the pictures...I have yet to find anything..
Dad may have to move soon...I guess his parents want to put the house he is living in up on the  market...they own just a FEW houses...but the one he is living in may go on market soon. I jokingly told him he can rent my attic....LOL  Dunno where he is going to move too...he is not home much but still needs a place to hang his coat ya know.. SO yeah may be a big time for moves...Time will tell.
I like my place alot but its not accessable for madie or my back,,,lol I hope someday to find a one story place..We shall see! And a bigger bathroom would be GREAT. everything else here is good...rooms are tight but I manage...and great storage and great location..I fear I will not find such a  place again... 4 years I have been here. Insane.
Heres some new pictures of booger its been really nice outside :)

PS I dont have access to Horsefaces FB account and my cans of beans will be donated to the local food bank. your welcome.

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