Sunday, October 16, 2016

Just a Quickie

In just a few days I will have a big girl 10 year old! Crazy. I have a cake mix that contains "fun fetti" and some chocolate frosting...maybe if anyone wants to come over I will make some dinner... Or eat  the cake all by myself...
I wanted to cry after Dad dropped off Madie and left me some cash.. I was drowning in my bills and close to loosing my car insurance...Did you know they can jack up your rate when you don't sign up for E-Pay? Really asssholes!? Gotta straiten that out tomorrow....
Anyhoo...I feel a sense of relief...I will go get some groceries tomorrow and send out some bills...Maybe even get the Tattoo guy his deposit! And take Madie to the Pumpkin pAtch! Woo Hoo! Muddy and Fun :)
Tonight just going to relax.... Whew. Back to school for bugger tomorrow and on  Tuesday gotta bring her to dentist to get her chompers cleaned! that's not always that fun. lol Then on Wednesday have to go to teacher meeting at new school to get PPT done... dunno why one is so early in the year but It will be nice to touch base to see how she is doing so far... I get nervous!
Hopefully later this week I will have some new pictures of my bugger to share and some more uplifting
Dad will be in Omaha this week and thru next week so I may not know what day of the week it is so bear with me!

Ill blog soon! Hoping for an early bedtime tonight. This lady was up too late last night! Lil bugger is getting antsy! lol

OH I am also very antsy for the next debate! Oh man this election has been such a trainwreck! But I love the debates they are so exciting! Get yo ass out and VOTE dilly dally!
Hopefully Trump won't be grabbing any women by their....

This Kitty was the latest to get off the streets and into a warm home before Winter :) Thanks crazy cat lady! (and I say that lightly!)

She named her Blossom which I think is pretty lame... I just called her Bea. Like the golden

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