Sunday, July 10, 2016

nothing much today

Here I am.
Well it was kinda a long weekend but Madie bug is home now and cat napping after her bath.. All is quiet in  the ville... Feeling like a hamburger helper kinda Its been a lot less humid but still too hot to go cooking oven roasters...cause ya know I cook those EVERY
My oven handle fell off and the door came crashing down nearly taking out my toes! I guess I can laugh about it now but greasy oven roaster jucie on my shirt was not that funny... Since it fell so hard it bent the door and now I am having a new oven delivered Tuesday..Oh bugger... But it will be nice and NEW.I told my landlord not to hammer on the door I think he made it worse...

Summer School is in full swing...Its very short days and doesn't really give me much time to maybe run a couple errands...but its really great to get Madie out and having fun at school :) Even if it is only for 3 hours...LOL
So anyhoo... another weekend down.... going to get my hair done this week finally and have a wedding to look forward to nxt month...Off to Long Island I go!
Tonight maybe a Netflix and early bedtime.
Will blog more in next couple days after some rest. Getting kinda hungry too.


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