Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hanging out with lil bugger while she drinks here sippy and the AC cranks slowly cooling us off.. Wow its hot today.
Today has been an ok day...The weekend approaches and it always gives me a certain amount of stress....:(  When I imagine Horseface and her kids all having this fake fun time at the beach with him and my madie... my blood boils. Its FAKE. Believe me. Knowing that calms me....
Just have to get thru the weekend! Its only a day and a half! I can do it. NOT A PROB.
Had a blast last weekend in town there was all kinds of happenings...had some good food and drink and heard some fun local music. Mingled with the ville folks and actually felt like I had friends! (hands in the air)
Madie bug has been doing good... We are hangin in there she is happy and I am just taking one day at a time some days are good some not. Eh... Today I am having some nice right side abdominal pain that is being really annoying... I feel as if I pulled something.. Maybe its from lifting madie..maybe its cramps from after my special friend... maybe my appendix will burst.....maybe I slept funny...who knows. Its annoying. Nothing I cant truck on thru but still.... ugh. It only happened once before and went away the next day so who knows. I hate doctors.

My neck is stiff.

Anyhoo... Well  Summer school has been going well...Her aid is a very nice girl who likes to wear sheer maxi dresses...while being a tad on the curvy side... LOL But she is nice and is good with Madie. I cant read her handwriting in the notebook but its all good. She is in school in Boston and works at the school in the summer time.
There is only about 3 more weeks of summer school left than another solid couple weeks off till the new year begins...crazy. I am still having hard time with putting her in new school.

Speaking of crazy...well 3 years this Sept since I sat in court and watched him leave... watched him let go of his family and his house and our marriage...The worse day of my life. I sit and think that its pretty amazing how I am still standing here... and that Madie is still doing well and my Apt is still standing and the cat is still alive... I have become pretty good at fixing small things around the house... I still suck with I have a bit of a shopping thing..But the dang bills get paid and sometimes a check or two go bouncy but eh...whatever.  Is he really happy? Does he ever miss us? Does he ever want to try again? Who knows.... :(
I dunno folks.. I'm not going to sit here and say that is how the cookie crumbled cause it is not that laid back to me...
Ill be 39 in less than a month...I am tired of being alone. It sucks. I cant have some other guy around madie...I cant go out and mingle....I have to find a babysitter to do that.. and if you have seen the guys in the ville...bwhahaha POT heads!! Hipsters. and Cyclists...LOL mmmmm biker shorts....

Well going to get on the phones to the med supply company and order some more boost and ask about getting coverage for diapers as well...than I need to find a new dentist before my teeth all rot out of my head. And is it just me or are the mosquito bites the size of houses this year?....

have a sparkling day.

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