Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Roses are Red...violets are...Purple..

I was feeling a little lost in my thoughts for various reasons..there isn't much that can make me cry and bring me into a rut per say... Well HE(bunghole jerkface)... thinking too much about missing the family and wishing I was sitting in my favorite spot behind the beach house under the tree with a book and a drink...and being hungry for vanNoord BBQs..... if anyone god forbid says anything mean about my Madie bug...missing her beloved school... and Onion slicing... AND if John Snow dies in the next episode of Game of Thrones and doesn't bring home Ramseys HEAD! (((gasp)))
Ok lol

I decided to take Madie to a special place to me...Its a park and its a garden..filled with beautiful roses ONLY mid June! I take Madies pictures there each year the past three years..as kinda a thing we do...She gets prettier each time. DUH.

The perennial garden was STINKY...like if you get too close to the hanging flowers at the shoppies in canton...lol . but walking thru the roses was heavenly...and so calming...And of course lil bug loves walking thru the sites...Adventure is in her nature!!  ol stroller is so rickety.. I am shocked we did not loose a wheel....Insurance would never allow us to get a new cruiser after I just got the new chair for her... even though the old one is just used for errands and strolls its still used a lot...but its getting past its prime...

Little booger sleeping now and I am blogging and watching movie All The Way... with Bryan Cranston as Lyndon B Johnson after the Kennedy assassination and the civil rights act...Okay may sound boring  to some but he is seriously great in this movie. I am waiting to see the last half that I have not seen...lol Crazy Cat is sleeping on a towel on my bed cause she has been shedding like crazy...wine is chilled... cant complain.
Tomorrow I want take kiddo to patch to get strawberries. Its the same farm we get our pumpkin each year...I dunno...trying to stay adventurous as we are on summer break....But its going to be a long haul I am not trying to fool anyone!
Anyhoo....whatever the future holds is what it holds... I have two pretty awesome kiddos by my side each day...one is furry and scratches the crap out of me when she is mean...LOL and of course miss madie...silly goose.. my lil treasure boogie tee tee angel. xoxox
I guess that is all for today.. I hope I can think of stuff to do with Madie for her summer break! I wish I was at the beach! :(!  But we will make due with a kiddle pool and some play sand??

be good.

One day at a time.

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Reagan Leigh said...

Love the pictures!! Looks like fun! Wishing you two a wonderful summer!!