Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rainy Saturday

Rainy Saturday.. lots of wind and thunder! I love a good rain storm.
Kinda lost in my thoughts I guess. I dunno..wondering if life did not take so many turns how things would be right now.. I miss Family a lot. Just family dinners and holidays and chilaxin at the fun.
Up too late last night and am super fatigued today but hanging in there! No word from Dad today so I assume madie is doing good! lol errands or anything to do today just me and the furry pest Maisy.Oh Miss Maizer... such a weirdo this cat!
Did I tell you how she scaled the front of my duplex the other night? Yep. heard a weird noise in madies room and what was clinging to the window screen I about DIED! Now mind you I am on two floors... scaled the wall!
Been hangin in there..was a pretty emotional week with school being out I try to not think about it cause it will bring me to tears..Oh I cant even..I will miss everyone at her school SO MUCH.
This lil Booger on one of our camping trips...BIG GIRL 4th grader!!

Well I guess not much going on today..This mom is just going to hang out. Maybe get some Chinese food later or something.. lol And be Awesome. Ya know the usual.
GI Appointment soon and other than that summer break has begun.. I dunno what we will do for three Entertain! Summer program begins beginning of next month for 6 weeks :)

Hope everyone is hangin in there.
Group Hug folks...Group Hug.

Peace out homeslices

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