Friday, June 3, 2016

meh. not much.

Almost the end of another school year... this coming Thursday is the last day! I try not to think to much about it or I get pretty emotional..
Lil bug was off to school in her usual lil happy self. School really tuckers her out. .
Been racking my brain as to what to get her para for all that she has done for madie..Low on funds and NEED that power bill to clear.
Also cancelled my hair appointment that will have to wait for now. With kiddo off from school and summer school only half days...ugh. I will soon..but not money I need to be spending or charging.
All is going...looking like me and madie this Friday night Dad is off in Indiana and flies in tomorrow afternoon ..maybe we will all go grab a pizza for dinner or something..Its only been two weeks since he started that gig and I worry he is burning out fast.. :( He will fly home each weekend and his flights have already been screwy..Hoping get more into a routine and see more of him!

This morning was all crazy..I left Madies chair outside in  the rain and forgot her sippy cup in her bag and looked and saw her medicine still on my counter...Had to go to school and deliver...crisis averted but whew...I even went to bed by 1030 and was my brain was farting up a storm!
Its been pretty hot in CT usa lately but the last couple dats have I  been really comfortable and I was able to cut off the AC..When its over 85 shit just gets HOT. Like leg pits and boob sweat galore! LOL
SUmmer is sure here!
I am missing the weekends at the beach terribly.
If I would have known this would have been the last time I went I would have taken more pictures.
I wonder if I will ever be back there again.. only time will tell.
Its a pretty nice day today I cant complain...

Sigh I dunno....

I hope everyone knows just how truly thankfull I was to have this place to go...and maybe I will never go back or be invited again but my memories are so great...I still love everyone with so much of my heart it aches...why did I ever take this place for granted?...
Hangin in there.
Cant really complain today. Feeling ok...rested. apt is semi clean. mt Everest of laundry is about done. cat is alive. eh...another day.
peace out homeslices.


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