Wednesday, May 18, 2016

nuthin much

Does anyone have the problem while they are typing out a new blog post where it begins to randomly underline everything you type as if you are spelling everything wrong? Its really annoying.
Anyhoo..been trying to get my thoughts out more lately..
I am also typing on my spakin new laptop. Ill be paying it off for 80 years but whatever. I LOVE IT.
Did more retail therapy for miss madie at marshalls yesterday and got her some cute tops :) One with a lobster on it she can wear to the beach! hee hee. super cute. Had her in one of her new tops this morning till I got her medicine all over it. DOH. (as the bus honks outside) I quickly changed her top and sent her off to school.
Did anyone watch Game of Thrones? Holy heck!! Crazy! Mother Of Dragons is going to have biggest army EVER. Maybe she can help Jon Snow and Saunza get Winterfell Back from Ramsey! LOL Oh man intense. And was not expecting her to rise from the flames nude.

Okay's Maisy Cat waiting for Madies bus to come.
The weather has been getting better and the stink bugs have been enjoying my apt lately..pretty gross looking things..almost prehistoric. Maisy cat is a pretty terrible bug
I tell ya this cat makes me laugh every day with her shenanigans.
Miss Madie wakes up every day with giggles and is always so thrilled when I come to her room to get her it can make even the most sluggish mornings precious!

Hope everyone is well. Been trying to step a little out of my comfort zone getting s few new clothes and skirts and more colorful things to wear as I am stuck  in the jeans and striped tops for so long..oh and don't forget my cardigans. My friend who sent me my leggings with birthday cakes all over them is having a online sale tonight I told her I would check it out.. But yeah the stuff is bold. And NO I have not worn the leggings outside of home! They are pretty hilarious!
I like the new stuff I have bought no where to really wear anything maybe putz thru target? haha
Okay I'm outta here.
Peace Out Homeslices.

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