Monday, May 16, 2016

middle school!?

Hello Bloggers

It was a rushed morning getting miss madie off to school but whew.. I did it.
Wishing there was a hot breakfast delivery service around here that would bring me some French toast and bacon but this bagel will have to do.
Hope everyone is well today and wherever you are reading from I hope the weather is good. So...yeah.
Madie has been pretty darn good lately... I had her meeting at her new school last week THE MIDDLE SCHOOL...gulp..
Dad was away in Florida for work so he couldnt make it but I tried to take some notes..met her current teacher and therapists there and some of the new team of folks that will be working with her it was packed conference room certainly anxiety inducing but I was ok! We talked about how they are eager to meet Madie and how a couple of her same therapist will continue to work with her for the long haul. It was a lot to take in for sure. We walked thru the school and I was surprised to learn it had three floors! Most of Madies stuff will be on the first floor but they have an elevator and ramps instead of flights of stairs. The kids were all doing there things and as we passed thru the halls of lockers and some that overflowed with books and papers I kinda had a lump in my throat wishing that Madie was not having to move schools.. Its a nice school but awe man. She will have all new teachers and a new Para who will be with her side by side.. THAT is the worse part! Miss Sandy has been with Madie since kindergarten and my heart just sinks knowing we will loose her..Madie is so lucky to have her with her daily.
I have to also say they have a thing in the gym called the flying squirrel..its a harness on a pulley system that can send madie

Is my breakfast here yet?

A whole slu of emotions run thru me when I think of Madie leaving her school..She is always a baby to me! little booger was super happy this morning getting on the bus. When I put her little coat on and get her in her chair I think she just knows that its adventure Hootin and screaming with delight! I call her my little monkey.
I knew I was going to ramble about something else this morning...hmm..
Did a little retail therapy yesterday and got Madie some new threads.. Old Navy was kinda giving there stuff away.. I miss my Gymboree Store SO MUCH! lol Its a giant hallmark Paper Store now..filled with Vera Bradley goods and expensive boutique clothes and misc gifts and cards..a nice store but they don't sell jammies and cute leggings! Whats next? OH lets close Flatbread Pizza too! Oh god I hope
SO yeah.. that's the scoop. The school year will soon be over and summer school will start up in July.. hoping to get a little camping done this summer but we shall see. I miss the days when we would all go and even when Madie had bottles and formula we made it work! Or the birds eating our hotdog! Nooooooo!!
Alright well I gotta get moving here.. time to start the day and mount Everest of laundry.
Hope everyone is well...chin up buttercups. things could be worse!!


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