Saturday, May 7, 2016

A little of this and that

No one is seeing the leggings!!! They are bright pink with Birthday cakes all over them. Yes.

Home with little one who just has a fever that wont quit. Her mood is good just tired.. Dad is getting over the flu and has decided he wants to do some Gladiator Run with his brother (and maybe his girl...)I think its crazy to be out in the messy weather but.. And I don't want madie in the rain so here she is with me. Had her home from school since Thursday so I am kinda running on empty right now. Trying to get Madie to drink her sippy instead of tubing..Tubie had been leaking a brown yuck.. I had to add some more water to the bubble that holds it inside hoping that was the deal..than she had an explosive diaper and her fever broke. Not till this afternoon did fever come back again. But the mood is good.

Cancelled my Comcast Cable today after speaking to an emotionally draining young woman who was trying to darndest to get me to stay on...telling me that I will regret changing to the other guys... ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE DOLLARS is the only reason I needed to change. Screw it if my internet is a little slower...not like this internet doesn't crap out on me occasionally...She tried to sell me on a plan that would save me 40 bucks and taking away more channels in the process... When I did not go for it she seemed kinda pissed and I was tired of being pushed in a corner...JUST CANCELL me...don't make me feel like a loser for doing that! UGH. What a biotch. OH and don't forget charging me a 115 bucks just to cancel... Muuuust get thru that bill....ugh What new Laptop??
After that fiasco I see Madie sitting quietly like: What the heck mom? LOl poor lil bugger. Going to try to dodge the sickies but with my lack of rest I may be doomed. :/

Well while I wait for my million dollars to come in the mail Its been a rainy day in the ville...for days on end now..Tomorrow is Mothers Day and aside from sleeping till 10 Ill just focus on knowing that I am lucky mom to have my lil madie bug! To hear her crazy laugh and get her monkey hugs (she holds on like a baby and to be able to see her off to school each day..Just lucky mama. Hope everyone enjoys a good family day...hold on to that shit.... its treasured! I miss being pampered on Moms Day. Maybe just the day to myself is good enough gift. But does that defeat the purpose? I dunno...

The same gal who send me my leggings I also bought a skirt from...Sorry no mini skirts but its really cute and if it ever gets warm and sunny I will wear it...or just save for next year!
Hope everyone is good...If I still have fans thanks for reading my rambles.
Madies Seizures have been GOOD! :)! She has drop clusters in the mornings sometimes STILL but I guess that is what it is...
Alright well ADD is kicking in and I am running low on exciting news. LOL

hang in there everyone and happy moms day.

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