Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Hello again. Okay maybe there are some things going on eh?
Wanted to redesign the ol blog but my computer stinks so maybe in a few years when get a new one. BAH>
Been raining in this neck of the woods for a couple days now..it just makes me feel sleepy. woke up this morning feeling sluggish. Ive been obsessed with cooking completion shows lately..lol I dunno I just like watching people cook. Tonight I have a crock of chicken with salsa verde, garlic, oregano, cumin and a salt simmering away. Its kind of depressing cooking for myself but if you have seen the men on dating websites ITS ALL GOOD. Id rather eat alone. I like the ones that would message "hey" every couple days even if I ignore their messages... EW. None of that for me.
A tuckered out little bug today after school...she is earning her tub tonight with her messy nose of a week so far..laughing under her blanket at the sound of the keys typing..
Dad is out of commission today I have not hear much from the plague sufferer... DOH. Being sick sucks. I will hurt him if he gets me sick. LOL He will be starting work out of state a little later than we thought but that's ok he can stick around.

In kinda funny news....A friend of mine decided she was going to start selling this small line of clothing..Its like when one has a purse party or jewelry party but this is clothes...VERY bold pattern clothes...LOL Like tops with multiple pineapples on them or zig zags...one dress had a giant DOT in the crotch area... umm... OH and floral leggings... I am kinda not into the patterns but there are some cute skirts I may buy one...BUT anyhoo...she was having a raffle for some free leggings and guess who won a pair..OH BOY. Now I cannot guarantee that my leggings will not be covered in gumball machines,Frogs or pineapples...but we shall see when they arrive! LOL I am not a leggings kind of person.. but I am kind of giddy! I will model them. oooo!
Madie also has a trip Mystic Aquarium in a couple weeks that I am kind of excited to join.. it will be a LONG day and they are all taking a fancy chartered bus! I really like that kind of stuff. I think we went thru the Atlantis aquarium 3 times! I think Mystic has some cool hands on water play stuff with the small creatures that madie may like! Or freak out. lol The last time I was there madie was in my belly! We went and had rootbeer floats and madie was wizzin all over the place from the sugar.
The ocean is so fascinating and scary to me at the same time.. I am terrified of things eating me alive. Once on my honeymoon we were snorkeling in this small beach and some bubbles rose up and I booked to the shore thinking it was a swarm of jelly fish coming to paralyze me. SO yep.
Trip should be fun!

HEre some pictures of the kiddo..In case you are not my friend on facebook already...

I know I was going to tell something else but I just blanked. Lil bug is sleepy and I have to harass her for a bath..than its comfy o clock in this joint. My favorite time of day when we get all cozy in my bed and watch moms stories. madie usually laughs or uses my butt at a footrest making it hard to watch anyhoo. HAHA.
Please keep the good vibes going as seizures have been very well under control! My Amazing Madie!
keep you all posted on my AWESOME leggings
Foxy mama!

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sara said...

Your lurker is dying to see your amazing leggings! I have a friend who has space cat leggings - I am hoping your new ones make those seem tame. Let's go Pineapple Leggingsssss!!!