Sunday, May 1, 2016

not much today

Hello blogging world.
A cloudy with chance of meatballs day in the ville today. Bunch of crazies running a 10k in town and Aside from doing mt Everest of laundry today not much going on.

Madie is doing really well... she has been such a vocal silly girl lately I want to bottle it up. Seizures have been pretty good.
Still have not found a new place to live its pretty frustrating for sure. I dunno...not really feeling the love lately with handicap accessible places.
The school year is almost over and its her last year at the elementary school..I can hardly think about it its so incredibly sad.
I have thought a lot about moving the F out of dodge but it just makes no sense. Dad is going to soon take work in Indiana for a year... He says he will be home on weekends to see madie which is ALOT... I don't know how it will all work he will juggle all that. I have never been to Indiana but told him that if madie and I had to move there we would..he says he would never move away without the two of us. :( I told him madie and I would hide in his okay that may not be practical. LOL
Staying in The Ville for now. I really hope to find a new place before next winter! Its just so cold here in the winter.. I want some good windows and heat included. WARMmmmmm
I keep on looking! I'm pretty optimistic about the search. I also can ask my friend who does real estate so that can help too! That's all to be continued!

I am impressing myself with my garden skill as well...Ok ok I am only growing lettuce but its growing like crazy! I may have to give some away! maybe one of the ladies at the pantry or my neighbor. But Wowzer its growing! Last year I grew seriously ONE pepper...LOL But my tomatoes exploded. I had too many! :D Been looking online for hints and ways to grow stuff its interesting to me. When the ol laptop works..Still dreaming of new laptop. You all would laugh your butts off at my set up.

Sigh..I dunno.
Same ol Same ol.Not the most exciting post but just checking in... Ill try to muster up some adventure soon.
Game of Throne is on tonight. ohhhh yesss.


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