Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bahamas and New Apts!(hopefully)

Hello World.

Well If you know me on Facebook you have already seen the oodles of pictures from our trip!

What a trip it was.
Atlantis Paradise Island is truly an AMAZING place... I cried like a baby when we were leaving.. already longing for another trip. When will I ever see a place like that again? I just don't go on vacations...I was such a blessing and we had an amazing time.
We (my friend came with us to help me..) got Madie out of bed at 4 am she was still in a sound sleep.
The limo was moving pretty slow and we knew we had to catch a flight in Hartford at 6! We got there with an hour to spare and security line was INSANE... madies chair would not fit thru the security xray so that that became a property check.. than the car seat that Sherri was carrying was not fitting thu so that became a property check too! I took madie out of her chair and walked thru once..than twice.. than I had my hands scanned for gun powder with a small circular things on sticks that they rubbed on my palms...probably containing every known bacteria all over made me ill! Then they messed up my bag looking for all my guns... When I was done I waited for Sherri to go thru the full body scan thing...
I suddenly hear over the muffled sound system that there is 3 more minutes to board our flight and I hear OUR names! WTF!?
I am frantically waiting for Sherri while she is getting her cavity search...(j/k) We RUN like the wind...lugging car seat pushing madie carrying our carry on..
A chubby guy with skin tags all over his face gives us attitude but we scoff at him when he tells us that security has not been bad and that HE isn't the one going anywhere...
THAT was the worse of it...
We board that plane and sit all the way in the back...
After that it was smooth sailing...Bahamas or BUST.
Let me also add that madie was the BEST traveler EVER. She just took it all in. Looking around and flying on the plane and running through airports...
When we arrived at Bahama airport the world began to move at such a different pace. We got thru customs and madie got her first passport You could hear island music in the lobby...REALLY?? We flagged down a guy who helped us with our luggage..and when I stepped outside to the front of the airport and all the rides were waiting for other people....nothing was beautiful. The warm air was WONDERFUL. We ventured further and our limo was waiting for us. LIMO! :)
We loaded up and headed out!
Took about 30 minutes..

It was on the horizon!!
When we checked in it got a little tricky but the staff was wonderful and we were all set! 19th Floor!!What could the view from up there be like??

YES really...
We got somewhat settled and madie had her sippy and we changed our clothes and headed down to seek some jaw just dropped at how magifient this place was! All kinds of places where sea turtles swam..sting rays..sharks.. you name it! Okay minus whales...LOL
We quickly realized that we NEED to make sure that we don't use up our debit card too quickly when two chicken wraps and two coronas were 42 bucks! EEEK! we ate and walked around a little...I was pretty exhausted but the place was jaw dropping!

We are up on the left..there are balconies with green openings in them..second from the right. YEP that's us.
This was behind me when we left our room to go venture..the view above pic is what I saw looking out!
I am still having aches for this place!
The next day we swam with the dolphins and I will never forget how amazing that creature was! Before the fun began we had to get fitting with wetsuits...The first one I put on was squeezing my SOUL...LOL note to self...wetsuits are NOT comfortable...and stop eating Jamie...
Than we all went into this room and watched a movie with a terrible voice over guy(sounded like he was in the other room with a microphone..)acting as the talking dolphin in the us all kinds of safety tips and making bad bad jokes.. I was getting impatient with that junk and my wet suit was not the driest one on the rack....EW.
Well when we got to the water we were all separated into groups and different dolphin guys guided us over to where we would meet the dolphins.. but before we did that we had to stand in knee deep water and listen to MORE safety and MORE bad
The Dolphins were amazing!! Madie liked the water and the fart noise that came out of its blow hole...HAHA

We were all left in awe after the whole was great! We went to the gift shop to see our pictures and possibly buy a few prints.. The cheapest package was 90 dollars! We kinda thought Ok...well we have our spending money so we can get some.. Well to our surprise since we were make a wish we got all our pictures in digital form for FREE! Talk about a great day! :)!!
Rest of the day was spent just chillaxing...taking in the scenery and eating some yummy food. lol
Sunday we decided to really explore...I MAYBE should not have walked over 5 miles in flip flops..

We had dinner at Vinnys BBQ that night for the first time..(we went back again)

Madie loved sitting in the she was getting antsy in her chair. Food and Beers were good!

The trip seemed to fly by.. We visited the aquarium twice and ventured a little away from the resort to some local places and saw some INSANE boats! Rumor had it that one of the owners was renting out an entire restaurant for a party later...dang.
Beach Time was really nice...the little beaches were kid friendly and shallow so it was easy to sit madie down and let her splash. The pool nearby was nice of them was COLD and the big main beach was very rough waves..alot of caution signs were posted.

What else Is there to say about this trip? I wish I could share allllll my pictures but that would make for an even longer post! I wonder how families afford to go to this place everything is insanely expensive! We made it work and still had some money left on our debit card! :)! I could not have managed without my Friend Sherri and her fitbit keeping us walking and moving all the time! lol
Now its back to the real world...When we landed in hartforf it was SNOWING...from 75-80 to snow...gah!
lately spring is in the air and is just around the corner! I am ready to start my usual unsuccessful garden of high hopes! lil sprouts that end up dying...:(!!
I have also been on hunt for new place...been really itching to move.. hurt my back pretty good last week and ready for a one story place. that's another story...
My craptastic computer is driving me nuts and its taken me forever to type all keeps underlining like I am making spelling errors... and I cant get my mouse to be left handed even though I set it like that...and WIndows 10 is a nightmare.
Hope everyone is well...
Don't tell Dad but there is really nice handicap accesable place in new London...LOL hello Neighbor! he would so hate me!
Happy Spring everyone!

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Kenneth Lilly said...

Windows 10 is tricky. Trip sounds like it was great. Always wondered how Bennett would do on a plane ride, sounds like Madie did great. Vacations are so regenerating. I haven't been on one since 2002. Well I did take kind of one to my mom's in 2011 or so but that was more relaxation.