Tuesday, September 29, 2015

THIS is what the doctor ordered!! A couple days at the lake with my cousin and her lil daughter. Hands down so pretty! Madie was a good girl..had her moments but overall a good kiddo!
We just kinda sat and took in the scene...just a relaxing time. my cousin and I stayed up till probably 130!And with my lil poop holder in tummy pain at 6 am it was rough! LOL
Next day we took a little walk and lounged on the the lil beach nearby for a bit before we headed home. I always want to cry when I leave such relaxing pretty places...places where I just feel at peace...fearing that each time will be last time I go for awhile. Back to the homefront we went.
We have a lot of things to look forward to for sure! Trying to focus on that. Thursday we meet with the wheel chair guy and look at some new rides for madie! FINALLY! as the ol convaid looses screws and gets more and more scuffed up.. WOO HOO! And of course our TRIP! Oh I can close my eyes and see that sparkling white beach and that warm clear water and how much Madie and I will LOVE IT. How we will poke around the shops and have yummy meals and have a big cozy bed in our room to lounge on when it gets late.. Oh man! Sent some papers in after dad had to sign them and now I am still waiting to grab him for a few hrs to get our passports going! Hes NEVER able to go! And weekends the post office closes early...but oh we will figure it out no worries REALLY! lol
Um....lets see..
OH in couple of weeks getting that ol PEG tube outta there! whew. that dangly crusty thing is the life of me! LOL ok ok so its not that bad and I keep it very clean...but hey madie cant swim in the ocean with that tubie! :) :)! Also a nuero follow up which is pretty routine.. I swear that doctor is more like her pediatrician! Seizures have been pretty tame...knock on all wood products and products that LOOK like wood!!...Once a month she gets slammed...and sometimes in the mornings she has what I just call gasp seizures where she kinda gasps and falls forward whole self stiffening and then she gets back up...comes to her senses and it happens again...very nagging. and don't forget the head bonks on the side of her bed. boo.
I dunno kiddo...its just Madie.
SO yeah...
Still don't know who my lucky travel companion will be...I really don't want to go alone!? looking at the ol list of friends and its slim pickings...should I hold a raffle?? sigh..:/
I cant wait to see the dolphins!! And buy our picture too! :) my brain is on overload when I think about it. I never would have in a million years thought that after all that has happened the past...oh gee..three years...that Id ever apply for a wish vacation..Now if Reagans mom did not egg me on..LOL Shes in Hawaii NOW! :)
Hope everyone is good!
Well folks...I gotta get my bum movin..drag out the garbage cans and run couple easy errands..Ill keep you posted on Operation Mom and Madie to paradise or BUST! oh and pictures of madies new ride to come also.

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