Wednesday, June 3, 2015

SHoo Wee One Month!
Well here I am hangin in there!
Still no laptop but I did acquire a monitor that I can hook up to my broken screen laptop and EUREKA I am online with a keyboard. HA
In Madie magoober news she is getting big for sure and if your not a FB friend of mine I am sharing some pictures :) BUT first in news....
Adding TWO new docs into the mix...A G.I doctor and an Orthopedic Guy ;)GI is very important and hoping that when we go we will see SOME kind of weight gain...
I have to go into my shpeal....bear with me.. Part of me is anxious to GET her the G-Tube button and part of me is hesitant... I believe that the button will alleviate the stress of worrying that she is not getting enough nutrients... I will literally liquefy fruits and veggie and feed them to her...AND yes she STILL will drink her sippy which she is very good at! And loves her water and her occasional apple juice treat...Eating has been SUCH an issue with her...I am tired of her being on supplements...I want real food... And don't forget the terrible constipation! :( THEN there is the what ifs...what if her tummy totally rejects it and she vomits or she gets sick or she ends up with the tube forever? I look at her and of course to ME and Dad she is PERFECT and is certainly Dads physique lol Tall and skinny! But oh my baby girl.... I just look forward to meeting with the GI doc and all three of us talking about it and learning more about it and HOPEFULLY making the right choice. Been waiting awhile for this appointment! We both love Madie to the moon and back and just want to make the right choice... Baby girl needs nutrition! In the land of supplements she is SUPPOSED To have SIX boost essentials EVERY day....lucky on good days to get yep. :(

THEN there is the Orthopedic.... Well this in not so scary nor is it a hard choice...we are going to get her fitted for AFO's on her feet...It will help give her extra support when she does her therapies...she just had no muscle tone and strength... when she bears weight on her feet her the back of her ankles bend out behind her.. So....hopefully in next few months we will have them.!

And in Mom News...well one day at a time! All is going. No earth shattering news. I think I have about a dozen tomatoes on my tomato plant! lol
Oh and how can I deprive you all any longer of some precious madie pictures!!
Be well everyone Ill keep you posted!!

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marie clare said...

Oh pray tell, where did you get the toy Madie is holding in these pics. My son played with one in therapy during the week and was entranced. Been looking for it everywhere but dont know what its called or who makes it. thanks!