Wednesday, May 6, 2015

nothin much


Things I dislike about my place: iTS DRAFTY. IT HEATS and hot waters with OIL.It does an awesome job heating outside for nearly 4 bucks a gallon.... The dryer is outside on the porch. Its COLD in the winter. there is one bathroom and its thru the kitchen and I have to sit sideways on the toilet....its that small.(the bathroom) The screen porch that contains my dryer leaks in the winter. It has two floors and is tricky with kiddo..
Things I like: Its got such character! Its sunny anytime of year. I have a cool clothes line. The VEIW from my room is AWESOME I want to soak it in when I look out... The grassy area is nice to sit on with madie and its peacefull. No one is ever home around me..It feels like a little cottage and I have also worked to spruce up the outside...the grass is mowed for me and I dont have to shovel...the outside is clean and newly painted and powerwashed..kept up well. And the rent is right. I make it work...Its the place I moved into when I was so scared and hoping it would just be a temporary place that all of what was happening wasnt real... Eventually I just made it home...I had too.
Bear with me I am loosing focus...Madie will not go to sleep and I am ADD....

Been worried about Madies Dad...newly diagnosed with kidney far as he knows ultra sound shows nothing but he has all the symptoms..I dont know what to think but hes instinct wants to go take care of him and feed him all kinds of kidney flushing hes hangin in there with 3 different he still goes off to work tomorrow to work outside all day. I really wish he would just take a few days..I still care about the guy! He has always worked his butt off...i hope to convince him to move closer someday but I wont press my luck. lol
I wanna say that madie and I will remain residents of our little town as long as we can...or if anything ever changes...ya just never know..lalalalalala .but I really like my town and its schools.Home Sweet Home..
I am runninng of. of battery and patience for this very below machine right now....I will blog more soon and keep all updated on how GI appointment goes...Im too tired to go into mt bg-tube shpeal or re load this page a third much for switching internets...

hope everyone is well.
peace out homeslice

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