Monday, May 4, 2015


Ever have a possible melon plant\seedling pop up in the middle of your lawn? lol well I will watch it grow and let you know what sprouts up! there is a first for everything.
Well...anyhoo... madie is still the same...GI apointment bumped up till June for reasons unknown but we are still going!
Spring has finally sprung in my neck of the woods after what felt like a neverending winter the fresh air lifts my spirits and makes me I still love it! remind me to dust off my ceiling fan BEFORE I turn it on this true story.
Well a little lost in my thoughts today..I dunno...lil bug is ok she has long days at school but for most part gets thru her days..I went on field trip with her last friday to this small local museum in town that tells us all about how collinsville had a thriving Ax factory that still stands today but no longer makes axes of just a bunch of hipster artsy people rent the space for studios...but the lil museum is kept going by some elderly folk who do small tours..I thought it was cool that the old workers used to reside in the duplexes that I rent now..
Madie got bored and grumpy.... we were unable to go to lower level cause there was no elevator.
Weekend was my grocery shopping done and prescriptions filled...bought a tomato plant and spruced up a little...just tried to keep busy and have a Jamie day...missed my lil side kick alot but was able to get stuff done...
I guess all else is going...I dunno..
Did I tell ya about the special needs playgroup? Dad and I went with Madie and it was run by her old Birth to Three therapist and we decided to check it out. What a turn out! II think she will soon need a larger space! I enjoyed it...and it was cool to do something the three of us..felt good :)
i guess that is all I have to ramble about today...yeah not too exciting...
hope everyone is well and I hope I get a laptop soon...donations are being accepted...LOL


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