Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beach and Rambles

Here we are.
Oh how I love the beach. Its the most calming place.. I wish I lived at the beach so much! Cant really rent near the beach...SOmeday I hope to live near the beach I just love it. But who knows! Each time I go there I just soak it in....
A lot of appointments coming up for madie..each week we have one. Next week is GI and week after that is EEG and week after that is Ortho for her AFOs..in meantime summer school will be in full swing but till then she still has another week and a half. Not doing much this week feeling a little cabin fever and its been boiling hot outside not that I am complaining cause the winter was horrendous! Just a couple dog days and it will get more comfortable soon :)
The school year is out and second grade is done. One more year at her elementary school and its off to middle school...pretty freaky. Cant and wont imagine madie without her Para.. I have been itching to relocate sometimes but Ill see where life take me. I dunno...
All has been going I guess.. Had to have Dads car towed from my place yesterday the poor car is on its last leg... But miraculously STILL up and running just barely after the mechanic fixed the starter! Unbelievable! I wanted to tell him that if we were married a new car would be more feasible...LOL but nah... Ill keep my smart ass quiet. I hope he finds something...wonder if he would like a fine lookin dented 2007 civic? Just kidding... Yeah I thought the old car would certainly be the end...I stayed positive and kept hope! Nine lives that car has...nine lives!
The AAA tow guy has no teeth... LOL
ANyhooooooo... not much to ramble about today just feeling antsy as all hell. None of my neighbors had any mail in their mailboxes and I have one bill....LUCKY Me.
Ready for the weekend for sure.


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