Wednesday, February 12, 2014

nothing New...

Winter has pounded us in CT. Its so bitter cold once again and more snow is coming on Thursday! I have only taken one fall on the ice and at this point am so paranoid that I will fall again my bag of ice removal stuff is almost gone... I am getting a taste of how this place I live in freezes up. In beginning of winter I even splurged on a very warm down comforter.
Well the cold aside...ugh...
Madie has her own little messy cold going on now...a mess! She thankfully does not have a fever and has stopped her dry coughing...SO beyond done with sickies. She was in a bad mood this morning and when I was trying to put her right shoe on her foot she cried and curled her toes... Just the right shoe. I wonder if maybe I need to get her bigger shoes or if she somehow hurt her little toe and without scratching it or bruising it..:( Its those little things I wish she could tell me.
Been more or less hangin in there.
NO Plans this weekend with the bad weather coming thru just to stay warm and sleep in. lol
Madie lost another tooth this morning too :) I tell ya this kiddo is going to have some jacked up looking teeth....ugh. How can one put braces on a kid like Madie.. :( The funny part was that she woke up looking like she just ate a big chocolate pop...but it was not chocolate it was dried yucky blood on her mouth! Funny but EW at same time. No sign of the tooth. Maybe I will see it or maybe she ate it.

Well anyhoo... I guess not much to say today... Heres a giant ice picture. I don't so much mind the snow its he frigid temps that have come with it....Been VERY cold winter.


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