Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ketocal Catastrophe

OK let me tell you this crazy story!!

We folk over here usually order THREE boxes of Ketocal 4:1 EVERY month....622 bucks at Target Pharmacy bout 34ish a can...Well I put in my usual order when we were low and it would work out that by Friday when dad comes to get Madie he could also go pick up the order since its closer to my place than his... BUT anyhooo....In the end Target did not have the order...saying that the Distributor that they use had it on Back order...I called I want to say 10 pharmacys...Grocery stores and chains and NO ONE even has ONE can they can just sell us. I was like a drug dealer! I call CCMC (Hartford childrens hospital) to Madies Neurologist Team and THANK GOD someone answered! The nurse said if I come there they can give me two cans to get me thru till HOPEFULLY Target gets the order in.... I tell Dad and he rushes off to Hartford on his way to my place to drop off cans... In meantime I call this small Pharmacy some family owned place and order two cans that they say will be in Friday.... IN meantime I call a nearby CVS and order two boxes they say no problem they will be in. We go thru the cans from Harford and Friday rolls around Dad says he will go to CVS to get boxes and then come get kiddo...OK cool. We are set. In meantime I remember I ordered the two cans from small place but figured heck with that we got the boxes from CVS.....or did we?...
CVS never even ordered. They had no recollection of such an order...
Dad texts me telling me that CVS does not have order... Im so pissed at this point...I go to the small place and get the two cans I had ordered....50 bucks EACH> WAY MORE than I wanted to pay but the kid needs to eat! AND they are different label....still Keto 4:1 but a NEW formula with more carbs and less fat...Which means that the current mixture we make up wont work anymore if madie is to get the calories she needs....UUUUUUGGGHHHH
In meantime Dad and I are on phone with each other now after I pick these 50 dollar cans up and getting pissy and I am thinking that he doesn't want me to order more at 50 a can and he is telling me to YES order them and I am asking if he wants to order again from CVS and what about Target and OH MY GOSH.....Good Ol Choppy cell phone calls! When we both finally realized what we were both trying to tell each other I just laughed. SIGH>
In meantime he says that Hartford will give us two more cans that he will pick up today...but at what label I have not a clue.
Oh and to give you an Idea a can of Ketocal is the size of a small can of the 15 dollar cans...If that's even the price anymore of that stuff..and the "New" Ketocal 4:1 Miles says scoops like wet sand...Grrreat! LOL
Ok that's my story morning glory. Catastrophe!!
Oh and GO PATS!!! NEW ENGLAND yo. I am still on the hunt for some pats pj's for she can watch with Dad when its late. XO


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Reagan Leigh said...

You would think you could get some from the neurologist or hospital if all else failed! I've had to go get formula from the hospital before! Glad you got it...I know how scary that is! Did you call the manufacturer directly? I remember we used to order ours online directly from the manufacturer!