Monday, October 21, 2013

On A Freakin Happier Note...

My Computer is back and up and running! New Hard Drive later! WOOT. Lost quite a few photos but then discovered I did not erase my memory card! YIPPIE.
Its been a long week with Magoobers. She is over her nasty cold and liquid poo attacks.. THANK GOD. Over the weekend she turned 7 too. We both went to breakfast with grandma and grandpa and then I took her to the pumpkin patch. I HAVE to get pics over the years :) I love carving the pumpkins and think up my design each year like a geek. Than I much the pumpkin seeds after a good roasting with lots of salt. YUM.
We are hangin in there... Here are some pics from Halloween Past: 2009. 2010. 2011 and 2013 :) Cant seem to find a 2012...oh bugger.

I love to make a tradition of going to the local patch every was one thing I really enjoyed doing as a family. That and hunting down our real tree for Christmas...Family.
I asked if there were any plans of getting a place together (with lady luck) and I got a very prompt "Um...NO" so maybe I find peace in that. Or in the fact that the odds are very slim of making it long term... But who knows what to believe anymore! LOL Maybe Ill get on a dating web site and meet some super awesome guys! LOL SIgh.....

Madie and I are an awesome team. Yes mama gets tired and her moods can be a little unpredictable sometimes but we manage! She is so funny lately loves when I kiss her feet and repeat her "monster kid" noises...Its hilarious. Love is all we need Madie. Sent her off to school with her Black Dog Marthas Vineyard sweatshirt on and her lil jeans looking so cute. I miss her!
ALSO Getting cold in CT and dreading putting heat on... I am looking forward to my family's Christmas party hoping I come away with a new pair of fuzzy slippers! LOL I get em every year! LOVE I drive home in them. :) Also hoping for an easy winter. Not much else to say I guess...just hangin today gotta get my butt moving on some quick errands. :)
Hugs Blogger Readers!


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