Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rambles for the day


Been kinda keeping to myself lately I suppose. Some days are good some days are tough. In good news we are proud owners of a new ride for Madie Girl :) a purple and black Convaid Cruiser :) Its super cute. It barely fits in my car but Ill make it work. LOL I hope hope someday down the road to get a larger car but for now the ol Honda runs and fits us well...with NO car payments... adding a car payment into my world just wont work. ANyhooooo we picked up the new ride last week and its so cool. What does one do with an old Kimba Spring stroller? I thought of donating it or selling it or whatever.. IT would be nice to give it to a child who cant afford to have a nice chair. But we shall see.
Out with the old Ride!
Just hangin in there. CT is finally over the heatwave and I can open the windows and enjoy fresh air! Yesterday was a hang the sheets in the sun kinda day I was pretty tired so we really did not go anywhere but we sure enjoyed just hangin outside for once without melting. Some fun things planned for August as Madie will have the last three weeks er so off we will head to grandmas beach house for a few days and see Madies aunt Brenda too :) I just love the beach house. I am looking forward to dinners and walks to the beach :) Then the week after my sister will come visit. She just loves loves loves Madie and spoils her rotten. lol I have not seen my sister in many months I am looking forward to hanging out with her and showing her my stomping grounds and my new place :) Then well I think we have to meet with Madies school about fall. They want to go for full day first grade... I am uncertain how that will work out. Madie by no means is a typical first grader. I am very torn as of what to do.... push for say a half day at first slowly adding in some more time? I have yet to figure out her meals and how she will stay awake all day and not have overtired meltdown..And we all know that with our seizure kids that overtiredness can sometimes trigger the dang things... I worry about her. To me Madie is still a baby. a 35 pound baby. I dunno I will have to see.
I wish I had a country house with wrap around porch and like three outdoor cats and creaky wood floors....lots of trees and money to have landscapers mow my 2 acres of land :)And a big veggie garden... And of course madie in a great school that caters to her needs and has more kids like her in it... with moms I can relate to we can have a "wine testers" nights away from our special kids for dinners and chat simple things really!
*sigh* I have dreams about my country house. <3 Also saw my family in Jersey last weekend for my cousins wedding! I thought I would be a wreck but had a blast! Lots of young girls there with very small dresses! My cousin married his highschool sweetheart.. it was a catholic/Jewish ceremony which was sure different! I wished that I could have stomped on the glass at the end! lol Good Times. Anyhooooo Today on this rainy cool day I have no plans..just me and the cat hanging out. Next week is last week of summer school and I will take Madie out a couple days early and head to beach. The six weeks went by so fast! She brought home a t-shirt that her teacher helped her paint yesterday and her hand prints on paper with google eyes on them and sand for a the crab on the beach. Its been a good summer for Madie and its all I can ask for...Keeeep the kiddo happy! I guess I am done rambling.. Once August is over its back to reality... Its going to be a tough month...please please just send me some extra strength... Its GO time.

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