Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Times

Well here we are. Still truckin.
Had a very nice week at the beach surrounded by family.. and well maybe at times I was not the life of the party and kinda kept to myself but I was really soaking it all in. Just feeling comfort is the only way I can describe it. Like nothing was wrong that we were safe and calm no worries in Niantic. :) We had some yummy dinners and even hung on the beach for a bit..did a little shopping and even saw a movie. I fear a day that I will never have such a place to retreat to and I pray that never happends... I hope I never loose Niantic in my life. Madie really likes the water and crusing around in her new stroller/chair I just LOVE it...I feel like its more of a big kid stroller than a wheelchair. Its still pretty heavy and I have to put it in my trunk just a certain way but its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Grandpa loved to push her in it and loved how its higher handle bar was so easy to adjust and it would ride so much easier on the grass. :)
This week my sister is visiting from Mass and we are just hangin. No set plans just hangin. Madie is off from school so we have her as well. I dunno what this rainy day will bring but like I said no set plans. Its been nice to have someone here to talk to and also I have not cooked in a long time for anyone so dinners are all set :) Maybe Ill even get her a little more kitchen savy. hee hee.
I have a birthday coming up on the 16th.. Ill be 36...finally over that half way point in my 30's... the last couple of years have been the darkest for me emotionally... I dont expect swarms of presents or some big party.. I do love cards from my grandmother though..:) Ill probably just have a night alone...or my crazy girlfriend Jen will call and try to get me out LOL I betcha she will! Maybe just a movie and an early bedtime for me. catch up on sleep. Such an old lady. I feel so incredibly aged. what I really should do is treat to a nice new hair cut and highlights..my hair is about locks of love at this point. hee hee. Although I dunno with all the highlights its not the best specimen. Oh well. But yeah a birthday looming and I will try to make the best of it. I also share my fathers birthday and will be thinking of him alot that day too... I cant believe its been since 94 when we lost him. He was the funniest smartest guy I knew..and loved his family more than the world. XO
Well also got papers from school about Madies new school year. She will have her first Male teacher and be in full day first grade. Sounds GREAT right? (freaking out) I am feeling very yuck about an 830-330 day for Madie and as I know that her same helper will be with her its alot. I realize that its probably the school getting her thru the system... she is going to be 7 in October and well she is the "age" for first grade. Im feeling the need for a meeting at school and to see what possible other options are avail... I just feel like there is so much on my plate already to try to get thru.. Im freaking out here. Just tooooooo much. I feel like the last thing I can deal with right now is trying to find a special school and a new place let alone someone or someplace to PAY for the special school and the ideal new place for us... :( UGH. I guess that is my rant about that for now.
Its been a great week weather wise for sure. Here are some cheer up pictures from the other day of my little heart.
She loves outside and the breeze blowing and sunshine. BUt who doesn't? One crazy day at a time I say to myself but I have such a tendency to look at too much at once amd get overwhelmed. I just want my comfort and calm back...and Im willing to run thru fire to get it.
Hope everyone is well..hugs to all the little ones.


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