Friday, May 24, 2013

My Little Family

This is Maisy. Lazy Maisy. My new shelter kitty. We are still warming up to each other its been a few weeks now. This is just day 4 with her and she was all about attention. She is by no means the explorative trouble maker that Magic and I tell ya I miss that a lot....Magic was all about tearin it up! Its still so hard to believe that she is gone. Maisy is working on her coming downstairs skills right now... she was making a home out of madies old changing table but I put an end to that I don't like her on that stuff... she cant hibernate upstairs all the time either. lol Oh silly Maisy the 6 year old shelter kitty.

My little family hangs on.. we have not been given a choice in the matter.. Madie continues to be the awesome cutie that she is and there are still times when we are two grumpy sleepy heads but we manage somehow. She is getting heavy and I am uncertain how I am going to manage that when she gets older...just getting her around or bathing her or changing her or getting her in and out of car... Its scary. Its not fair. But as the saying goes "shit happens" I tried. I cried. I said my peace. I miss a lot of things. I am not going to turn this post into big sob story......

Ive been trying to spruce things up around here and getting quite a little garden a week or so maybe Ill go get some little inexpensive flowers or whatever.. but for now I am trying my hand at tomatoes peppers and green beans! I am not good at this sort of thing but I enjoy it. Gardening can be an expensive hobby! lol
Had Madies PPT which we all know can be mild to moderately depressing but nonetheless we had it... School wants to put her in the 1st grade full days of school. I am a little paniced about that. Its a long day. I have to figure out her meals for the day with this stinkin diet as well making her whatever I can make her the day before as the bus comes at 815 and I am NOT a morning person... Yes
I wonder sometimes if there is a better school for my Madie...a school that can deal more with kids like it better to have her along side her normal peers with a special teacher by her side or better to have her in a school that more specializes... Its a tough call I just want to see Madie thrive. I feel as if I have the world on my plate with this kid. What is the right thing to do? I will see what they have for her next year at her school and take it from there I suppose. I really cant handle looking for a new school let alone a new place that would be close to that school right now. too much.
I am also trying very poorly to get Madie to eat some new foods... I have to get the grocery store at some point and get some stuff to mush up for her.. I have NO CLUE how I am going to even begin to feed this kid real food right now... adding to my plate. GAH.

THIS will HOPEFULLY with a lot of prayer and kissin butt to insurance company Madies new ride. It will be in Purple. I am pretty excited to get it if we do! It will JUST make it in the trunk of the Civic but better than taking the Kimba Spring into two pices and stuffing it in the trunk... boo. SOMEDAY I would LOVE an SUV with a good size storage in the back to get all her stuff inside with ease. But for now the Civic runs and the stroller will FIT! (hopefully. lol) Its a nice one and I feel like I can use it as an every day stroller not just a "wheelchair" for school stuff..
I will get a tray for it as well for school and the adjustable handle bar is so great for tall people like mom and dad and short people like madies school friends who like to help push. :) It will also harness in the bus.
Ok...have to think for a moment on other news....
Summer school will begin in July and go till August 8. then I hope its off to the beach for some relaxin and some beach fun. Oh and we all love getting the small pool out and sitting under the shade tree.
Well hope everyone is well and enjoying the warmer days. Its been raining here and supposed to for memorial day weekend but its not SNOW!

me.(and my little family)X0

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