Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sadness will turn to Joy.....someday.

I cant describe the sadness I felt when I saw my beloved Magic Kitty laying in the grass passed away... a kind neighbor called and said he had found Magic and I ran over quickly to see for myself.... It was her. Her little body was just laying in the pouring rain. I put my hand on her and told her she was okay and that I would take care of her now... then I cried my eyes out. Oh sweet kitty... 12 years old died doing what she loved exploring. I hope she was not killed by someone... she did not look torn up in any way... Boy did I cry. She was such a fresh kitty..always getting into this and that and knocking over things and ONLY throwing up on my favorite rug...She was always there to keep me warm when I had the blanket over me and always there when her favorite spaghetti sauce was cooking ready to get on the counter and drive me crazy.. I felt like she pooped in her box a million times a day! LOL She has been to the vet numerous times after fights with small animals and always made it thru. When she slipped out my porch that Tuesday afternoon I had no doubt that she would be back. She always came back. After a couple days I began to leave food out but that was not good since there are alot of cats out there not to mention racoons or whatnot. yuck. After a week I put up fliers around my neighborhood and a week later someone had found her. What could have happened? I will never know. Oh sweet Kitty... I cried alot. I had some epic sadness... not just for my kitty but for alot of things.... I missed my house, I missed my Miles, I missed my cat, I missed small things like my front porch! I was a mess... I am not so much a mess now but I still miss those things terribly... nothing I can do. Madie and I are good. We are a team. We are US. With or without these things we HAVE TO CARRY ON.... Love Love and oh yes MORE love. And SO begins Madies spring break this coming week and I plan on just getting the f outta dodge for a little while and probably taking madie to the shore for the week. Its alot of packing for a week but I just NEED the beach.... I feel so sad. I wish I lived on the beach really I do... Its so relaxing. Then again what if a storm wipes out my tiney shack that I can only afford...LOL maybe a few blocks away.....yea. The weather is supposed to be in the high 60's this week...spring is trying its darndest to come out and play but its been pretty bad... winter cold just wont quit. comes and goes. HEre are some pictures from the last pretty warm day we had. It was HEAVEN. I actually think its kinda cool that I have a clothes line. The blankets smelled SO YUM after that day drying in the sunshine. Madie and I just hung out side and the breeze was so warm :) she loves the breeze. OH and all went well in HArtford last week too... Blood work was hardest part for Madie but she was an alert happy kid for the doctor for the first time in I always tell her that Dr D does not have anything that she tends to not get it. Diet will stay same for now.. we will be trying to add in some small meals for her pure' mooooosh I am going to try to make some stuff and freeze it for now. I cannot say how I am going to even start...I think I have tried more times than I can count in the past only to be frustrated and just stop trying... I hope everyone is well and I guess I am done rambling.I hate to end abruptly...its getting to be past 6 and tub time is needed for this little booger. I hope to soon get another kitty for my small family soon...I met one named "courage" how can I not take him! At same time I dont think I am ready to love another kitty yet.... :( I will take some pictures of madie and the world around this week and explode my next post with pictures. :) Ill blog later in week maybe.;) Me.& Madie.xo

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charity said...

nesi'm so sorry for the loss of your kitty. i know what its like to have a cat that you love and have them end up running away and dying.