Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kitties and Life.

Not much going on in Mama and Madies world these days.... Meeting with Nutitionist in Hartford on Wed to go over Keto Diet and also meet with Neuro. These appointments kinda become mundane... I mean we go in and they say ok her seizures are still this many and she is still growing and she is still on depakote and she is still on diet. Not really any advancements.. she is a fussy eater. I really dont know what next step is she cant stay on this nasty ketocal forever!? Its a tough call. and still the same amount of seizures per month.. and ALWAYS on the 5th of every month... that is the only pattern I have seen for months and months... I get anxious always around that time. :( My Beloved Kitty Ran away last week.... it will be 2 weeks come this Tuesday. She simply slipped out my porch. :( I am so worried about her and just pray that if she did die she went to kitty heaven without too much pain.... and if she is lost to help her find her way back home...and if she is trapped someplace that someone finds her... :( She was a pesky kitty alllllways getting into something... Maybe I was selfish and taking her to new apt... maybe I shoulda just left her with Miles.... just for now anyways..till I live in a place that actually is more kitty friendly.. there are too too many cats out there. Perhaps she was scooped up by a hoarder? I hate to think she is dead.. but its been a long time and she has only been away two nights TOPS in the past....:( Please just say a kitty prayer. Just a little one for Magic. Madie and I are Ok. I have my days. I still very much miss my old home... I am working on trying to grow some Herbs and some flowers for spring and trying to look forward to the warmer days. I look forward to long skirts and sandals... My head just wizzes alot... hard to sleep and stay focused. I just really hope that all this is worth it in the end... this new life... I dunno. ONE day at a time. all I can do is keep on doing what I am doing.My place is comming along slowly.. my awesome mother in law gave me a futon couch and a coffee table which is great! I have passed out on the futon about 4 times already its so comfy! who wudda thunk!? Madie is well and very loved by SO MANY and so many just want to see the best come out of all this.. :( Its been hard. I miss silly lazy "family days"..the three of us laughing and being together...feeling love and being safe... even if we just sat around all day and watched movies or went to target or whatever... it was nice... maybe I took it for granted sometimes and I will forever regret that. Spring is in the air.. Wed is supposed to be near 70 here in CT USA... its still in the 50's and driving me crazy that I still cant really open my windows yet without being chilly. Snow is in the past for now and sunshine has slowly replaced the gray days outside. It seriously just down poured for like a minute! Is that a sign the gods are watching? I sure have been feeling all my Angels watching over me lately... hard to explain but when I cry they hold me up somehow.. I guess I am just rambles now. Time to get comfy with Madie and countdown to bedtime I suppose. Hope everyone is feeling well we had house of sickies over her for awhile and I think all noses are finally clearing up. I have to laugh at Miles who graciously gave me some sudafed that expired two years ago... sigh. I meant GO BUY some for me silly. Hugs. and Hugs. you know who who you are. lol Me.

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