Thursday, March 21, 2013


This made me cry.... Oh how I love you so much my Madie Magoobers..... Mama tries so hard to keep on keepin on. Cant wait for spring and pig tails and sunshine. you have to click on image to read..sorry. it came up small on the blogger. Its been very cold in CT...still snowing we just got a few inches on the first day of spring there was snow on the ground. The sun fights to come out and play.... grey clouds cover... On a silly note I have not fallen on the ice lately...I know I know you were all hoping for a good bruise picture huh? lol I did trip on the stairs and banged my shin pretty hard though... I was in CVS and an elderly man..oh bless his heart...said a TAD too loud that he had to get his medicine for his shingles..oh dear. I also decided to curl my hair that day... I had no place to go but I had not used my large barrel iron in awhile...well burnt my forehead and left a mark. sigh.... oh and dont forget the forehead line in the middle of the mark...that was spared. BLAH! Looking sharp mama looking sharp. I am hangin in there. Missing normalcy and the comforts of my old house... my front porch and my totally dying garden... and mowing the grass..(I seriously enjoyed it!) and sometimes seeing deer in the yard eating my neighbors and the "swamp" next to the house that seriously was like its own eco system over there. Black red wing birds would come out and play when the weather got warm and the sounds of the frogs and chirpers were SO loud! But the noise would seriously soothe me to sleep at night. I think even kitty misses her territory...I dont miss the VET bills kitty! All the bunny attacks or whatever would rip up her face out there! LOL New area is not as safe there are alot of other cats out there... so we shall see. Well I suppose that life is over now. I dunno...sigh. I am surrounded by a wonderful support network of family and friends and even my new neighbors that surround me. I guess it all depends on how I see it. Teacher meeting for Madie at 230...motivation Me.

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