Monday, March 11, 2013

Boogers, SIppy Cups and Life :)

Lots of sniffles and messy noses here in the van Noord duplexville.... really done with the sickies! Its crusty and messy and gets in madies hair...ack. Boy my girl wants to stand.... she does not get the whole move to a table or chair to pull up on but she sits and gets on those knees making herself tall.. Shes wobbles but she gets to her knees. Also gets angry and stiffens up and cries when I try to feed her bottle to her so ya know what? she sits with her SIPPY and feeds herself at her own messy pace! Cutest ever. she has been doing all this for about a week now drinking her keto only from her sippy. Shes been getting up on her knees for awhile. Oh my sweet girl. I hope she progresses more someday. I always said that if she was walking by the time she was 12 so be it!! AT her OWN pace. My baby girl. Shes getting big too.And heavy! Going to see Neurology in a month for a follow up with him and nutritionist ... Diet is going...she has taken to it well. I do not know how long she will be on it.. or how long we will continue with Depakote .. One large seizure for the month of March so far...but usually we had seen 2-3 per month so ya never know what the rest of the month will entitle. I just take each day at a time. I am always scared of seizures or of some terrible regression or that she will fall over and really hit her head bad... ugh just wish seizures would quit once and for all!! such a nuisance at this point! blech. Some days she can be very twitchy and fall over quite a bit. :( Last is the super awesome high back booster I got for her! compared to the other one she had! I did not realize how small it was! I love it and madie loves it she is such a big girl in it! this is the Graco ARGOS 70 in case anyone wonders. and we go it at Babies R US. it was 200 dollars. expensive but oh so worth it. :)! New Big Girl seat :)! And others are just pictures of madie and her beloved sippy lol. ONLY will drink from it. But they have to be the ones with soft tops on them... she does not get the ones that are more hard. (hopefully that makes sense) I have a hunch school will get her some new ones too thru her backpack program that gives her diapers and wipes and other things we can use.. In other news things are going. They love Madie at school and she is happy there which is all I can ask for. Teacher conferences will be soon and we will discuss if she may go into the summer program again and what she is up to at school and how she is doing. The Usual really. Things are going for me....Duplexville lacks some furnishings but its a somewhat cozy yet drafty place... for now. Miles and I I dunno.... we love each other alot and things have been a rollercoaster... I miss him alot and at times we still manage to tell each other we love each other. What happends will happen. Madie adores spending time with Dad and he adores spending time with her. I am blessed for that alone right now. How things will pan out is how they will pan out. We three are always going to be a family...albeit in a dysfunctional way. ;) All you need is love in the end. I feel it can conquer alot. Maybe not in the order you want it to but it can. Till next blog post. Hugs Me. (and Madie)

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