Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A few Pictures

Just a few pictures of Madie to share... Its been a long weekend off from school... between poor Madie trying so hard to poop to the rash she had on her hiney to the big seizure on Monday...whew. BUT she is happy today! She is good! We are both so desperate for spring and fresh air and sunshine and NO MORE ICE> This morning as I was getting Madies chair out to the drive way I slipped in what looked just like water but was infact a puddle and ice landing right on my butt. BUT Oh before that I slipped INSIDE as I was scooting around with my lemonade and my string cheese I spill lemonade and slip in it and my cheese goes flying. YOu could say that my but hurts right now. Other than me being a clutz I guess not really much a feel like sharing today I guess.... I try to see the bright side of all this but its hard to... maybe there will never be an good understanding... I dunno. I promised I would not be sad today so just enjoy some madie cuteness for now. Remind me to ask my mother in law if she wants to go to the Bobs Pit store and treasure me.

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