Friday, January 18, 2013

One day at time....

Its been a busy week for sure.... madie had an appointment with the Endocrinologist in Hartford to get orders for blood work to make sure she is getting more of the nutrients she needs in her bones... sometimes the keto diet can effect the bones.. It was more waiting to be seen than anything productive really. Miles also lost an uncle this week...who passed away from complications after heart surgery.. it was quite unexpected.. he was a good man who enjoyed family gatherings and camping and BBQs at his house... He leaves his wife and son... It was pretty sad. I look back and its been 18 years since I lost my father... hard to imagine.Times when I would give so much to just hug my dad and talk to him again. Its hard to imagine alot these days I guess. Madie and I are managing as each day we miss Miles alot... I will not deny that. I hope someday we can get over all this and our hearts will be more at peace with each other...:( Its been pretty cold here in CT... We actually got some decient snow and I was surprised that madie had a snow day off from school! I like lazy snow days unless I have to go anywhere in tires are going to need to be replaced soon.
My sweet girl. Amazing that you are six now. you have not asked for any of this drama that has come over our little family that last year...Mama has tried to keep the glue strong but it was not enough... I can only love you with all my heart and make sure that you are happy and growing and keeping up on your giggles. Bless your heart what would I do without your giggles! Kindergarten is going well. She is not doing cartwheels by no means but her teachers are all so patient and kind with her. She comes home in one piece is all I can ask for lol. Seizures are seizures... The amazing ketogenic diet has helped alot in her world and she is much more alert and happy without so many seizures bringing her down. Its great actually.
Took Madie for a hair cut the other day and looks pretty cute. oh to part with her pretty hair! lol She is pretty no matter! :) :) She screamed the whole time the girl was trimming her hair and I guess that was to be expected. madie hates hates hates anyone messing with her hair. LOL I think the best part of getting my hair done is just how soft and smooth and rock star my hair looks and feels when done! If I could go each day to just get a shampoo Id be set! haha Well I dunno.... not really much else I guess.. I miss family and I miss the old days of normalcy.... Im trying to make things comfy and warm and well I have the warm part down. Okay well madie just fell over... she has been doing alot of that lately and she is up in arms in screams. I will try to blog more often. Me.

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