Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miss Madie Magoo

Boy my little love is getting big... Even lost a tooth did I mention that? back to school today after the holiday break! I look forward to getting back into routine and getting madies weekly story books that come home with her in her backpack..:) trying hard to have more story time and when school sends home her "take home books" it kinda encourages me too :)As for the Holidays.. It was a good one. Calm and chill...lots of love and family which was just what I needed.. and lots of eating and some driving to Jersey but I stayed overnight so it really was not that bad at all :) We also had a nice dinner and more presents at Grandmas house it was great to see family and hang out and just relax. I made applecake and a cheesecake for the festivities...OH YUM... Miss madie made out like a bandit with all kinds of new Gymboree Clothes and khols outfits she will be so stylin! :)! And I still have my Gymbucks! What more can madie get from that She certainly made out well... but all worth it! I am still working on taking christmas tree down it was kinda bitter sweet to get all the lights off and put away our elf on shelf for next year. New Years was pretty laid back I ate chinese food and watched a movie. pretty boring but no hangover! lol Its been SO bitter cold out there the past few days and today when I was trying to wheel madie down the drive to the bus it was so hard to get thru the ice and snow.. I dunno what I am going to do she is getting so heavy and its much safer in the ice to wheel her than to carry her and we both go flyin on our bums! The Bus driver was so kind to come up and help me he kinda got a chuckle as I am cursing at the cold and sigh...just please send some warm sun my way! This mama is hangin in there in other news.. No doubt. One day at a time and that is that. Seizures have been same....2-3 per month...sigh. I hate seizures...2 on her holiday break and one on christmas! :( BOO! Go away seizures... I hope everyone had a great holiday no matter what you celebrate.. Ever wonder what a Kwanza Celebration entitles? I just vote for Festivus. Hugs Me

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