Tuesday, December 4, 2012

hanging in there.

I have not been very motivated to blog... I know some may be wondering what the ins and outs are about sweet madie girl.... She has been WELL! A milestone of loosing her first tooth over the weekend on the bottom was super precious. A nutritionist appointment in Hartford that went well with a new meal plan to incorporate smaller meals in between her keto bottles...and have the go ahead after yet another hartford appointment for her barium swallow study which came back just fine! Mechanics are delayed but its going tio take some work. She can infact swallow and does not choke on her food. Now a Barium Swallow study is basically all around her wearing lead vests as madie sits in a wooden chair safely strapped in and barium which is like a powder that is mixed with her baby food and shows up on x ray/video while I feed her...its pretty cool. And aside from maybe a weird colored poop after she is fine. :) And her tooth? Well that went down the hatch and this mom was not going to "dig" for it! LOL I wish I could say I am doing super great but I am hanging in there is I guess all I can say. Lonely. Seeing and being with my Madie love and hearing her giggles and kissing her and holding her on a daily basis already makes me more blessed one. My little family.

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