Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time, Love and Social Services? yep all in one!

Today has been a pretty good day! Well aside from Moody Madie lol. This mama went and got alot done the past few days. Picked up Madies new helmet for her noggin so she wont hit the wood floors anymore when I turn my back, Went to therapy and, did some grocery shopping, but most exciting of them all is I went to speak with social services to get the ball rolling on getting madie some disability. I went to the local senior community center where this woman's office was located..she usually deals with seniors and they were all getting ready for some kind of luncheon as I was comming in..even some were playing I was nervous as all hell only cause I knew how important this is for madie..such a long time in the making..there were lots of empty hallways and this freaked me out yes weird. Have you seen the shining! I was expecting this middle aged woman to appear but a very tall attractive well put together woman came out and shook my hand and led me to her office. I talked about well...tried to sum up 5 years of madie with her and how Miles and I were certainly thrown a loop when it was apparent that she was disabled.. How it has taken toll on our lives and our marriage... How I never want to say that madie has been a burden but she can become one at times and Miles and I were just blah. Things were WAY too SAME. Miles went looking for no expectations. The ones at home were getting too much. I understand that. I cant tell you how full my plate feels at times! I am sure he feels terrible that he cannot come to every madie appointment or school meeting but that is life. He has to work to support his family. :( As far as we go right now I am not putting a ton of expectations on him..I am by no means promoting Divorce. I am by no means promoting lawyer appointments. I am just promoting US. Simple. Casual. Loving. CIVIL. No arguing. Communication. And whatever happens.. My family is SO worth any fight....any patience...and love... But at same time it takes two.. I pray I am not setting myself up for a crash and burn. :( I can say that team mama and madie grows by the DAY! The support from complete strangers and bloggers and friends I haven't seen in years and teachers and social workers and family...OMG! Its insane. I can only say I love you all! SO much! The list keeps growing. No one tells me one thing no one judges me no one tells me Im being crazy. Just Love. Understanding and support. But all that mushy gushy stuff aside I can say that I am stoked to have the services offered to us. It will not only give extra income but also TIME. With extra help and services for Madie it can open new doors! Maybe I can even have a social life! LOL Maybe I press my luck huh? :P No really, its a great thing. EVEN may be able to get therapies at the house for madie! PT and OT! THAT would be amazing!! To get Madie into LOTS of PT and OT...oh man! gets those lil legs strong! :D I am staying positive. I am staying strong. I have to for my little Madie. And maybe a little for those around me so they dont think I am a total basket case! LOL SO in concusion....Meeting went awesome. someone will come to house and get more of an idea of what I am looking for and make sure I am not a hoarder as well..haha The nice part of DCF more or less. And this attractive woman shook my hand and got her papers all ready to go copy and I couldnt help but notice her underwear coming out the back of her skirt...We arent all perfect! XO Me

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