Saturday, July 21, 2012

Take these broken wings and learn to fly.

Im still here!! Yes I know I know...all on the edge of your seats wondering how Jamie is doing...(lol) *sigh* hangin in there I tell everyone. Just one day at time. This weekend I embark on a trip to see my family in Jersey and get some good dose of hugs and support. I miss hubster terribly. The fate of us still kinda remains uncertain in my eyes. I am just taking that one day at a time as well. We havent seen each other for 2 weeks now and I will see him today as he sees our sweet Madie. I am pretty nervous. Now if I can stop listening to Rascal Flats Bless this Broken Road and watching Keith Urbans Memories of Us than Ill be golden. AND in Madie news..because this IS her blog.. Working on getting Madie some sort of disability money right now and hoping to meet with woman who can make it happen next week!! Also Madies helmet is in and we will pick that up in a couple weeks! AND Madie has been doing awesome at summer school program and takes her very own lil bus home with Miss Melissa her helper. CUTEST EVER. Heres a pic from the beach house weekend when we had naked swimtime. Who needs suits! Its was 90 out!
Title comes from beatles song Black Bird. I used to hold madie when she was a baby and listen. xoxoxox love. me

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