Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busy Weekend and Painful Week.

Monday began like any other Monday I was stoked that preschool day was finally here. It had been a busy weekend..
lets get to that first. (oooo love new format for posting!) Enjoy some random Madie cuteness...I love these striped Pjs...:) Madies Grandpa turned 60 this weekend and we all surprised him with a big party at our favorite restaurant. He had no idea! It was really fun. The night before was his real birthday so we went out just us family to this German Restaurant where the beers are half liters and they yell "Ticky Tocky Ticky Tocky" when they present them...3 course meals ohhhh man I thought I wouldn't eat for days! And they DO have smaller beer It was kinda the cover up for the big surprise the next day. Sooo it was busy busy and we kept madie out 2 nights in a row past her bedtime..She was NOT havin the second party...melting down during dinner..:( And then comes Monday...When I hurt myself. It was a day like any other..hung out in the morning with madie and brought her into school at 1230...went to the grocery store cause I wanted to make Pioneer Woman's "Best Lasagna Ever" (and OMG it was GOOD). I went to grocers and then came back home and soon it was almost time to go get the kiddo..I left and picked her up as usual..bringing her inside and putting her down on her blanket to sit was when it happened. I was stuck. I was seeing stars. My leg(hammy) was spazing and my lower back was done. I managed to get up but that was tricky. Went upstairs and hunted down my heating pad...Now that lasted about a day till my friend told me to ICE it not HEAT it...sigh...Soooo Ice has been my savor. I also went to doctor and got a shot in my Bum that helped alot..and some pain meds that I use sparingly..LOL Advil is usually enough for me...but I tell ya on Monday night when I trying to go to sleep with muscle spasms. I crawled and nearly peeed myself getting to the bathroom! I was ready for some DRUGS! My mother in law graciously came over (cancelling her hair app) to come and help me simply lift Madie and watch her while I went to the doctors..I was smelly and sweating so badly from the pain in my Hammy I was crying at the doctors. WHEW> Wouldnt wish that pain on anyone! (well maybe one Just kidding) It was terrible! Its so hard to have a child who doesnt walk...I was so mad at myself for rushing in the house and getting myself into the freaky position to hurt myself! My mother in law hung out most of the day and the least I could do was feed her some lasagna! Yummmms. Now on Thursday as I type I am MUCH better...say oh...55 least I can walk now! Getting up from being seated or laying down is hard but once I am up I feel okay. walking around actually feels good on me.(fatso) It sucks that I cant play as much with my madie but taking care of myself as long as she is content is OKAY. :) Ive been on my own with Boo Boo for 2 days now and usually the mornings are toughest part just getting her downstairs to feed her and un-stiffening myself to begin functioning...but today I was able to carry her slowly down the stairs and was fine.
A cutie pic from a couple weeks ago when we were outside on the porch and it was SO warm! Missing the warm days right now..a little chilly..supposed to freeze up tonight? sigh... Hope everyone has a good Easter and I hope that I slowly become more mobile! Time to get the kiddo fed and in her comfy Jammys :) Oh and Madie too. Hugs mamas. Me PS. Seizures have been 2 per month..Today was Seizure 1 for this month..had to keep her home with my gimpy self...Even brought her to Dentist..shes happy as a clam..sigh..Keep good thoughts and prayers that that big bad one is the ONLY one we see this month! Any of the kiddos have facial twitching? Like spazzy face? been seeing that on madie too..:( ugh.

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