Thursday, April 19, 2012

Standers and Insurance Codes! Ooo and Updates.

Look what my little "Big Girl" can do!! She just loves to climb on people..WELL if ur sitting in front of her or laying in front of her she gets up on her knees... She doesnt do this with say the edge of the chair or table but LOOK! :) So funny! Sheeeesss tryying!! Madie watchin the Mets game with her dad one evening and I grabber my camera.
Things have been goin in the vanNoord house lately. Hubster works late alot...he has to travel nxt week on Monday and Tuesday..sigh.. Its sad that the people he works with see him more than we see him...I am almost Jealous of his Job taking so much of his time. I hate to say that. but yeah. Keto cal and Insurance has been an issue lately and we are already 2 checks in the hole with Ketocal..when its $622.00 per month...that check comes in handy. I guess they want some "code" and I called Nuero and asked if they had this code so Hubster could fax it to insurance..Well Nuero said "Oh dont worry we will get that code to the pharmacy so they can bill insurance" Well that hasn't happened. and The pharmacy is useless when it comes to this Secret Code...sigh SO back on the phones I go! No knocking on Target Pharmacy cause we love them! You NEVER have to wait in stupid lines like at CVS and wait forever. NoONE will give us this code. Insurance tells Hubster just to fax it to bet ur hinies Im gettin to the bottom (no pun intended) of this! Well anyhooooo GUESS WHAT?? We are getting Madies stander TOMORROW! Pretty SToked! Hoping to get Madie in that bad boy for at least 30 min per day! there will be a tray on the front with a tub...for whatever tactile creations we can come up with :) I will never loose hope that someday my madie girl will be on her feet. I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. Allergies are REALLY preventing me from enjoying as I so much enjoy reading my books outside..:( Till Next Time me.

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blogzilly said...

Do you take anything for springtime allergies, if so what?