Sunday, March 11, 2012

Peace and New Haircuts

We began pretty long..yep finger up the nose just cracked me up. It was a tough parting with all that hair...but it was getting super messy!

Not in the Hippy sense I assure Haven't hit up the local "head shop" for some Tie Dye Marley shirts.YET.And Pot made me WAY to paranoid for my own good! Oh and sadly threw away the Doc Martins in 2001...
When I say Peace...well in my home. In my heart. In my Life.(aside from having anxiety..nothing a little paxil wont Its been a long trying 5 months.. not only with Seizure Kid and getting her stander ordered and covered by insurance, and a big bad month of 4 bad seizures in Feb...(worse month in awhile!)The school calling the Ambulance and taking a trip to Hartford ER for her seizure she had JUST as I was picking her up from school...sigh.
And my Sweet Hubster. I really dont feel like I want to talk about what we went thru these past 5 months but I myself feel our relationship has become stronger. And boy oh boy to I love him more for it. Raising a child with Special needs can take a toll on anyone..we just had to learn to take time for each other. Even if its just hangin out watching a funny movie or a quick dinner at Flatbread (mmm) I guess its more of the non spoken words these days that lets us each know we love each other more than we ever did before. :) (Now dont make me cry!) Just put on that old song from back in the days "More than Words" :)
This blog is mainly about Madie and to hopefully give people insight on the more Humorous side of raising that unexpected special needs kiddo. I feel without having a humor about it well...lets just sit here and feel sorry ourselves and ask "Ohhh why me whhyyyy me..Boo Hooooo!!" ALSO for people to know that I do have my days when I just absolutely don't know what to do with her! Days of tears. Days of Doubt. Days of even Resentment! When school calls me and tells me to come pick up madie cause she is tired and crying all day and then I get her home and she is perfectly happy I laugh. I kiss my sweet girl and ask her just why did mama have to come get her at school?! She will whistle and give me her lovies...sigh. I wouldn't trade her for the world. I keep good faith that someday we will get her little legs up and holding her on her two feet. I keep good faith that she will someday understand more of the world around her..If she is 12 and finally walking so be it. SO BE IT!.
There is talk of Kindergarden for her in the fall too...eek. Its a special ed room of course but its a longer day. In the Am. There is an option of a van to come pick her up and drop her off instead of me driving her which will add an extra hour to her day along side with the extra 30 minutes of actual school time. I am seriously leaning to the whole van thing. Selfishly adding more time to myself 4 days a week..
Madie has been super sleepy at school...she gets up at 645ish and doesn't nap before school..and well shes always been a napper about 1.. at 5 she really shouldn't need nap anymore...but seriously this kiddo needs one each day! I can only bring her meds into play? Does she have big seizures more than we know? She is pretty jerky and times knocking her over or waking her up from sleep as well...its a tough call. Sweet Girl just likes her rest. She can get pretty overstimulated too with all the noise at school and busy busy with her therapies and everyone making her "go go go". Everyone just wants her to get the most out of her day. I just dont know what to do with her. (oh.. there's one of those moments!)
Now if anyone has been to our house its a pretty quiet place. aside from occasional dinner function or sports Its just the 3 of us. All of Madies life I have just let her sleep when she wants to sleep! She was having terrible seizures daily! sometimes when she would wake from her nap she would have another and go right back to sleep...sometimes not and she would be awake for the most part of the day. I just never knew. Its really frustrating when school asks me why madie is being a certain way..for example sleepy.. WHO KNOWS! Depends on her much she much she has eaten.. *sigh*
Shes been a happy girl today. I cant complain. Husbster is working working working...I have Latin Fever Ring tone ready to blast off on August 31st when this project he is on is over...LOL Going to be awesome! I know its good work but the late days are going to get really exhausting...:(
Anyhoo...Guess I am done rambling. Its a GORGEOUS DAY in CT today and Hubster and I took Madie to get a new haircut over the weekend (as he did as well..)my cutie patooties with their new doos. :) Id say they cut half her hair! hard to part with her pretty hair but much much easier to manage. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the Spring in the Winter.
Hugs mamas.

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