Friday, February 17, 2012

In the News.

I guess I am due for a blog eh?
Its been a pretty long week this week...Madie sick AGAIN! this one was doozy...knocking her out for 2 days strait..super nasty nose and cough and whatever else comes with a nasty cold..feverish..oh miss madie..Today she however woke a little bit more herself..crying to get out of bed and happy when I took her out and changed her diaper. Hoping she will eat today too...gets me so nervous for seizures...:(! We have seen a record breaking THREE this month. Sigh. Just dont know. Maybe it was her way of letting us know that she was going to be sick soon.
In other news well she is going to be getting her new stander soon~! The order is in. The rehab place is going to let us know when we go to hartford to have her fitted and ready to go! I am nervous with insurance right now learning that the out of pocket expense will be our copay and 20 percent.. BUT BUT I am working on getting letters and possibly a grant to help pay for it. it stinks that these medically necessary things that could possibly improve a childs oh..make madies legs stronger so she can someday stand on her own!? ya big deal. Cost so much..and are not fully covered by insurances..
BUT BUT there is s BUT in there...and Im not talking about my big one..whahaha We did get amazing news that Madies ketocal will be 100% covered by Cigna..(yep droppin names..).which holey shmoley is awesome! We still have to come up with the money each month and they send us a check..which is so stupid cause we will just use the money over and over each time we cash it...for her keto. why not just save some paper and just cover it without having to do claim forms? well tis what it tis and I wont argue with COVERED.(we just changed insurances in Jan)
SO anyhoo in everyday news...just hangin with my sicky today..praying an praying i dont get sick too..ugh!Took Miss Madie out to a nearby shopping center yesterday and we walked up and down..putzed thru the Gap and Yankee Candle...Its been super mild here in CT..strange light jacket weather when it should be much colder.
I just imagine the polar bears looking for icebergs and the show Planet Earth where I cried when Sygorney Weaver says: "this may most likely be the polar bears final resting place since he cannot find food and is weak"
I bought madie some snow pants at the consignment store too and we have yet to use em! Figured no use in spending a bundle on new ones when she cant walk and Ill most likely just pull her on sled or sit her in snow..:) 8 dollars Holla.

Well anyhoo..I guess Im just full of rambles today. Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day..Hubby got me a pretty heart necklace with Madison engraved on the front and a reach for the stars quote on the back..precious. I made a nice dinner and well.. We are working on that stuff..we are a little rusty. We love each other. It was a good day. Waiting for my BIG present Miles! (lol)
Well I will keep all posted and try to get some new pictures of my big girl..I have not picked up my camera in awhile..Its sad cause it was allllways near me ready for whatever photo op madie would throw at me. :( and on that note my tummy is rumblin for some breakfast.
Till Next Time America... Thank you Maury! (I seriously had tickets to that show once but did not

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Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Yeah for Keto being covered and we sure will pray for that stander being minimal fr you guys. I have always thought it was interesting that no PT has ever suggested one for Zoey. I wonder why?

Well, hoping Madie is better and you have stayed clear of the germs.And praying the seizures will make themselves scarce for good.

Love form California.

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