Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moody Miss Madie and Adios Holidays

My Little Whistler...allllways whistling.. Its been a busy holiday and quite frankly I am glad its done and over! The Tree is working on miraculously making its way back into the basement..sigh.
Miss Madie has been a VERY MOODY! Like high pitched wines when she is upset and does not get whatever it is she wants..Its been tough. She has been waking in the night usually at a convenient time of oh say 330am or 4am..with the same high pitched wines..
In our defense for ignoring her..when you take her out of her bed or carry her or even put her in her highchair to just sit..she is happy as a clam. HAPPY! Whistles and smiles and even a giggle..TRICKSTER! I debate to take her to the pediatrican for that reason alone!

We have alllso been pretty sicky in the house as well.. I am just getting over feeling about 90 percent better from a terrible cold and cough...and madie was the same. Soooo maybe her throat is bugging her but I slap a big fat bull honkey on that! I get to also hear from school that she sounds very congested..well DUH! If ya heard the ol dry nasty cough she DID have you would know that this minor loose cough is really nothing to worry about. But I think that school has more than hinted that I NEED to go to pediatrician...and what? wait for an hour in a packed waiting room since I had no appointment then wait another day in the exam room for the same reason? OIY VEY! Sorry, Really had to vent about that. I was feeling really overwhelmed by the whole thing! AND madies teacher wants to help me establish a at home routine for madie as well..and i was getting really defensive about it. Only since I am having enough trouble keeping her content let alone in a routine! ack. I should take the help...that is all her teachers want to do is help me.. Just alot of other stuff going on too...really really crave a sense of peace and happiness in my home.

I just hate when people who I know mean well tell me what I should and shouldnt be doing..pisses me off! Ive taken care of her for 5 years...ehh....sigh..
Growth Spurt? BOUT TIME! New Milestone ready to be reached? OH I CAN DREAM! I WISH! but Has to Poo? Well she has been pretty good in that dept and the ol huggies are taking a beating! whahahaha! Spoiled Booger?? hmmmmm.....
Other than that things are pretty calm in vanNoord Household. :) Sometimes just a good hug from the hubster can make a whole crummy day go away.

Well like I said....Holidays are done. Hubster is back to work. Madie is back to preschool hopefully making thru her day in a decent mood..but after the week and half she has been home I can only say NOT MY PROBLEM! whew. lol.
Just hope she can get back into her days happily this is getting old kiddo
No word from the state eaither on my helper for madie :( but hangin in there. Arent we all?? Oh and madie has 400+ people ahead of her on the Katie Beckett waiver..please no breath holding you'll pass out!
Whoops lots track of time..gotta go get my little booger from school or it may be suggested to me that I get to pick up earlier.
(that was sarcastic)
Hugs to all our sweet kiddos and to mamas.
PS hit up that Gymboree Sale mamas! ooooo its grounds for some hyperventilation its that good! ;)

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